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Service suspension

Beyond desperate

I have 4 mobiles and an unlimited data plan with Telstra

3 weeks ago I am away in Cambodia, I have been away 3 months. After trying to contact my kids for 3 days I receive a message from my teenage sons to tell me their phones aren’t working and they have no wifi at home. 10 weeks earlier when I left Australia my Telstra account was $600 in credit and I have a automated monthly payment of $125.00 that comes out of my account.

i organise an overseas sim so I have data, but upon arrival in Asia I receive a text from Telstra saying I can use my phone for $10.00 a day for some data and calls. 

Then I receive a second text once that my data is used they will give me 500mb for $10.00 that will last 30 days. I think “great” I don’t need to make calls, but I can leave my Australian phone turned on. 

I did not realise that I was still being charged $10.00 a day to have my phone turned on.

Therefore after 10 weeks overseas at $10.00 a day plus normal costs, and only $125.00 a month going into my account my account is in debt, and Telstra decide to suspend my account. 

So, within an hour of being told my account has been suspended i use the Telstra app and I have paid my bill in full. 

It takes days and after desperately trying to contact Telstra from Cambodia which is impossible through every method Telstra have available on their app, including call back to request my services are restarted, I arrange for my son to download the Telstra app, provide him with login details to contact Telstra to have the services reconnected, because despite having paid the account 3 days earlier none of my services were restored.

My Son through the online assistant manages to get the mobile phone services restored but despite being told that the home internet services have also been restored, they have not. Even the Telstra app tells them that one or more of the services has been suspended through non-payment. However Telstra continue to state that the services have been restored. 

After having let my children spend hours trying to have the internet restored, without any luck i decide to send my youngest to my parents because he is studying for his HSC and is finding it impossible without an internet service.

So I decide to wait until I arrive back in Australia to sort out the problem as trying to contact Telstra overseas is difficult to say the least. 

Upon arriving home I attempt to contact Telstra however my efforts are thwarted because when your service is stopped for nonpayment but your account is actually in credit it is impossible to connect to the correct area, and I continually got a voice message telling me my account was in credit, and that my services were ok, despite the app telling me one or more of my accounts was suspended due to non payment. After hours of frustration, I contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman. 

I receive a call from Telstra the following day, I explain the problems in detail, and still Telstra advise me that there is no problem despite their own app telling them there is and the fact that I still have no internet or home service available.

Yesterday afternoon I receive a voice message from telling me saying the billing department are going to fix my service manually. 

As I sit here this morning typing out this monologue I still have no internet, the app still says my service has been suspended for nonpayment and as the TIO give Telstra 10 days to respond to my complaint I have nowhere to go.

i am so frustrated, can anyone help me?

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Service suspension

Hi @Desssperate


It's disappointing to hear of your experience with restoring your service, this is definitely not the level of service that we expect. It sounds like you have taken steps to escalate this and we will assign a case manager to investigate further for you.


At this stage, the best option would be to wait for your case manager to assist you further with this. If you have a reference number, I am happy to see what we can do to assist to resolve this for you.



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