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Speed currently slowed (shaped) to maximum of 256 kbps due to billing issue

After trouble-shooting, have been advised my speed is currently slowed (shaped) to a maximum of 256 kbps due to billing issue.


I've re-booted modem multiple times, changed password on modem.  Online tech support advised me yesterday there was no barring on my account (bill has been paid and was never overdue), and there was an outage in my area, yet outages website did not state this, and I also was having "configuration issues and authentication drops".


I've recently had ADSL2 (standard speed) connection installed.  Previously, there were issues with connecting to internet - did get a technician call out, who fixed the problem at the exchange (service was connected to the wrong port apparently).  Phone line is still fuzzy however when temporarily plugged an old home phone in to test.


I'm connected to internet now (all lights front and back are green on the modem, mobile mode light is off), yet speed is still very slow.  I have my (work) computer connected via ethernet cable to modem.  (Modem model: LH1000.  Speed test today - download: 141mbps, upload: 0.7mbps, ping: 42ms.).


Can anyone shed any light on this please?

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Speed currently slowed (shaped) to maximum of 256 kbps due to billing issue


has this been an ongoing issue or something which only came up recently? As you mentioned the tech support team reported an outage, these can sometimes take longer to show up on the outages pages. Are you still seeing slower speeds on your service or has it since bumped back up to normal speeds?


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