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Staff Survey Avoidance

I have reported this via phone & online chat (if reference numbers are required I can provide) but it seems to no avail..


Offshore call centres are avoiding surveys when they are aware that issues not fully resolved or negative feedback is expected.  They are doing this by not ending the call.  Most recent calls that I have had with Bigpond billing & tech support have resulted in this way.


I suggest supervisors/managers are made aware of this tactic (unless they are in on it as well...)

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Staff Survey Avoidance

Thanks for the feedback DanMar,

I have passed this on to the relevant team for review.

Was there anything in regards to your Telstra services that I may be able to assist with?


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Re: Staff Survey Avoidance

This could be a reason why the offshore call centres seem to do very well in the survey results.

I have personally experienced it before in the past.
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Re: Staff Survey Avoidance

I don't get surveys even when calls do go well. Smiley Very Happy Maybe because I take the piss out of the call centre operator beforehand. Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Staff Survey Avoidance

When this occurs to me I just put them on mute after I conclude my conversation and wait for them to terminate the call. Obviously they cannot keep the call open for too long otherwise it will impact their other stats.
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Re: Staff Survey Avoidance

Smiley Indifferent


try to stand in their shoe so you will understand

even if they were able to resolved the query some will still give them low score

remember that they were humans as well working for their FAMILY

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Re: Staff Survey Avoidance

Good point raised. The ranking of a score should be "fair and reasonable".

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