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Startack & Online Order

I placed an online order for a Mobile Plan with Handset. Still not arrived and totally disgusted with StarTrack performance. This is not the first time that StarTrack has let me or Telstra down.


Here is the Startrack Tracking info:


Consignment Events

Date Time                                Location                             Status

25 Feb 2013 00:00                                                             Freight Manifest Transmitted

25 Feb 2013 14:57                                                             Received Advanced Shipping Notice

25 Feb 2013 15:54                                                             Sydney DFPC Picked Up from Sender

26 Feb 2013 00:59              Brisbane DFPC                  Received at StarTrack Location for processing

26 Feb 2013 08:55              Caboolture                          Onboard with driver for delivery

27 Feb 2013 08:50              Caboolture                          Onboard with driver for delivery


Everything looked great until today 27/03, phone Startrack today at 11am, they said they don't have an ETA. Still had not arrived by 4.30pm so I phoned again, this time they said, 'The package has priority for tomorrow delivery, Today (27th) Startrack had problems with the scanner. Yesterday (26) the road was flooded and they could not do a delivery.'  


The road was cut by floodwater on the 26th for a few hours (Tidal Floods i.e. Floods at high tide) but anyone in the area or with a GPS knows the alternative route to Bribie Island (Woorim) and that it only takes an extra 5 minutes. A good excuse for companies and people who do not know the area, a lame excuse for people living in the area.


The scanner problem excuse is like saying, 'The dog ate my homework'.


I explained to Startrack at 11am today (27th) the importance of receiving the Phone, I am a Truck Driver and need the phone for my trip Brisbane - Bundaberg - Brisbane tomorrow (28th) and it is important for me to remain in contact with my company and clients. Also handy for road conditions considering the current weather situation.


Its time Telstra review the StarTrack service and switch to a more reliable and honest company. Search CrowdSupport or Take a look at the StarTrack reviews here: http://www.productreview.com.au/p/star-track-express.html Disgusted.


EDIT: I don't know what happened to the formatting?


Oh, also realised that I won't be home for the delivery tomorrow the 28th,  I am wondering if they will take it to the Post Office (As described in the Telsta email) or not, after reading the reviews of Startrack I have my doubts.

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Re: Startack & Online Order

I've personally not had any issues with Star Track, however I know DHL also provide a decent service. All depends on who the locals are at the bottom of the food chain.


You want to have some fun, try dealing with UPS...... Worst company around Smiley Sad




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Re: Startack & Online Order

It was definately Stratrack that made the delivery, Stratrack card was left to pickup the package from the local Post Office.  I sent the above message to Startrack customer.satisfaction@startrack.com.au  , I also requested that the package be left at the local post office as I can't be at home for 3 days in a row to recieve a delivery that might not arrive.


I also asked the Startrack person on the 27th, 'Is it a Sub-Contractor' and the reply was , 'No'.  I have sent stuff with Startrack before and had Australian Air Express pick up the package.  My gripe is that Startrack obviously made a commitment to Telstra to deliver a service to obtain the contract with Telstra,  If they can't maintain the contract requirements then the contract should be made available to a company that can.  After all, who's name ultimately recieves the final review, Telstra!


I did not  write this just for myself but for other consumers also, it seems the best way to get results os to put the dofficulties of others in the public eye.


As far as UPS goes with me, I have nothing to complain about, I rarely buy stuff from the US, what I have has arrive in a reasonable international time frame.


The Japanes postal service is probably the most efficient , reliable and inexpensive international service that I have dealt with.  But you need to be in Japan tpo take advantage of that.


I have no experience with DHL.

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