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Suspension of account in credit due to a bank letter

Yesterday 22/07/2020 all our Telstra services and accounts were suspended without any prior notification. Account is in credit so there is no overdue amount. Rang credit management (as per advice received on chat) & was placed through to a supervisor who told me that a bank (couldn’t tell me which bank) sent them a letter stating fraudulent activity with my direct debit set up with Telstra. I’m like I don’t have a direct debit set up with you guys though. He continued and said to get the account activated again I need to go into a Telstra shop or post office and pay $8639 in cash! I’m like what for and he said all the reject direct debits that went back into my account making me owe Telstra. I’m like I’ve never received any money back into my accounts as I DONT HAVE A DIRECT DEBIT SET UP to which he replied “check your bank statement ma’am”. I said for him to check my account, which is in credit with nothing owing and he’ll see that I pay by bpay and only bpay. He just kept repeating and saying to pay the amount owed in cash and my account will be reactived. I told him I have been a loyal Telstra customer for over 20 years with about 13 services in my account and paying $500-$600 a month on services and this is how they treat me. I said that I never received any indication from Telstra to say that they received a letter & were suspending my account nor any letter from this bank (to which I still don’t know which bank as no one could tell me). It’s disgusting that this can happen without any further investigation done at your end. Now I have to go into a Telstra store to submit a fraudulent case and wait for that case to be finalised before my account will be reactivated. 

So history - I pay all my bills via bpay, however I in Jan 2020 I was recovering from neck surgery and agreed to 2 seperate direct debit payments to pay a bill that was overdue. One was paid no issue but the second one for $247 was rejected - this was sorted out and paid via bpay ASAP. I have gone through my Telstra and bank statements and there are NO direct debits (apart from those 2) that appear anywhere.

We are now without phones till god knows when and possibly my credit rating has now been affected. 
I have placed a complaint with the telecommunications ombudsman and will be taking my services and monthly $600 account to another service if this is not rectified in an extremely timely manner.

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Re: Suspension of account in credit due to a bank letter

HI @MrsMurray 

This all seems very strange to me.

Did you call Telstra credit management?  I have there number as 1800 816 025 it might have changed. 

Sometimes there are certain Telstra protocol as far as giving out certain personal information, That sound non legit but are. (eg name dob account number)

In your case bank information.

Unfortunately as you have raised a case with the TIO, only a specific Telstra team can deal with your issue.

Lets hope they can solve it for you. Smiley Happy

Curious to hear the result.



I don't work for Telstra, Never have, I am just a Telstra customer like you.
So the advice I give is my own, In my own time, Guided by my own experience/knowledge.
Which I am always happy to be corrected on.

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