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Taking money and not putting it towards bill

Telstra has taken 150 out of my account on two differnt occasions in the last two months and yet they say my bill is outstanding. i have the proof on my credit card statements. can anyone tell me where my moneys going? 

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Re: Taking money and not putting it towards bill

The CrowdSupport forum is mostly customer to customer, with no billing or account access. You need to advise Telstra of this issue - My Telstra app or My Account webpage, Get Help, then the blue chat icon in the app or the small, blue, Message Us button on the web page. State that it is a billing issue..   or if you have time, try 132200

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Re: Taking money and not putting it towards bill

Unless Telstra can confirm that they actually received the funds (that you mentioned) then you could contact your credit card provider and have the payments disputed and possibly cancelled.

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