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Telstra Billing with auto Pay

We have multiple devices, 5 Services and NBN with Telstra.  I keep my account in credit at all times, and currently am around $240.00 in credit and my partner is $400.00 in credit.  This month I upgraded my tablet and was told it is mandatory I switch to auto pay now.  No worries I thought, we put in around $500.00 per month into our accounts and it wont be an issue as there is plenty of credit available.  However today Telstra Direct debited my bank for the $79.00 for the tablet and plan, ignoring the fact that our accounts are so far in credit.  WHY…….  


SO far I have paid out and cancelled one service and will be shortly cancelling all the other services when I can afford to pay out the devices.  We will be switching our NBN away as well.  I am so annoyed as I don’t leave a lot of funds in my general banking account as I move it to savings etc.  

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Telstra Billing with auto Pay

Your tablet is not on the same account as the rest of your devices and has its own payment details. On the Telstra Upfront plans, each service is treated individually and is not pooled for payment purposes.


It is a big step backwards for customers as far as account management goes.

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Level 22: Superhuman

Re: Telstra Billing with auto Pay

The reason “why” is that the Upfront AutoPay plans use a separate account system which deducts a fixed amount from your account every month.  The new system cannot take into account a credit that exists on the old system.


You could use the credit to pay for your services that remain on the old accounts system, or at some point request a refund of it.

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