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Telstra Overcharges

 I have been ripped off by Telstra in the past when I have changed my Wireless Broadband plan and yet once again they have pulled the same stunt on me.    My plan was an 8Gb monthly download and owing to a heavy work period this went over the top to 10.82Gb which meant it was slowed to what Telstra euphemistically calls "dialup speed" HA!   To overcome this  I upgraded my plan to 15Gb.   This meant, as far as I am concerned that I  was entitled to another 7Gb of download at premium speed.    The update occured on 8th January and today my account shows my usage over the last three days as 2.68Gb whereas my usage in my account pages shows only a download of almost 900Mb.   To me Telstra appears to be attempting to charge me for the excess download over the 8Gb BUT that was slowed so I see no reason why I should pay premium rates for downloads at such abysmal speed.  Last time that happened I did not complain as I did not notice it until some time later.    I am sick of being jerked around by the accounts personnel who cannot add 2+2!  Complain to Telstra?   Well, actually it is less painful to bang my head against a wall.    On Monday I am going to try a prepaid Optus card [I am old coverage in my area is ok] to see what sort of math Optus has.   If all goes well it will be bye-bye Telstra and hello optus/broadband/home 'phone and mobile.  

Has anyone else noticed this Telstra underhand trick?

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Telstra Overcharges

Hi antilaborparty, 

Thanks for taking the time to raise this concern with us. I've sent you a private message so that we can investigate this further for you. This is an enquiry a Crowdsupport community cannot help you with. 


- Luis

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