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Telstra Phone Service Billing Enquiry

Good afternoon,


I’m just writing to you as we just received a bill today from Telstra relating to our VOIP phone system that we currently have a contract with Broadband Solutions (BBS).


As you can see from the attached invoice from Telstra, they have sent through a bill relating to a porting fee of $840.00 for the recent porting of our numbers to BBS. As you will see from our contract and the BBS bills attached, we already paid for these porting fees to Telstra as part of the transition and therefore not sure why we are being sent another bill for the same thing.


There are also new charges in the Telstra bill for the last few months which seem to be backdated to the porting date of 14/8/2018. Again, I thought these charges would be covered under the contract we have with Broadband Solutions and that the invoices that we have already paid BBS over the last few months covered these items also (refer to copy of our BBS monthly bill).


Could you please look into these Telstra charges for us and advise what they are for and if they are a duplication of the charges we have already paid to Broadband Solutions each month.


We have spoken to BBS and they believe it may be a processing error on Telstra’s behalf for the back billing and also mentioned that we most certainly do not have an active service with Telstra as we ported out.


If you could look into this for us, it would be greatly appreciated.


Our Telstra Business account is under the name of Bluewater Plumbing (NSW) Pty Ltd 
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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Telstra Phone Service Billing Enquiry

This is not an official Telstra support channel, but a public forum. Please delete all the account information that you posted as everyone can see it.

You will need to speak to a consultant on 132000 about the charges as nobody here has access to billing systems.
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