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Telstra refund

telstra promised me a refund and now they r saying they don't my nbn speed is slow not getting what I played for for the last 11months they are ment to fix problem and refund me $990.00 but hadn't what am I ment to do next

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Level 17: Bureau Chief
Level 17: Bureau Chief

Re: Telstra refund

If Telstra “promised” you a refund, did they put that in writing or give you a reference number?.


You can follow it up with Support via the My Telstra app or messaging them at

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Telstra refund

I assume you got a letter stating that your service doesn't meet the speeds in your plan.


It gave you the choice of either changing down to a the lower plan and receiving a refund of the difference in cost between the two plans (not the total plan cost of the one you were on), or stay on the plan that you are on.


You needed to notify Telstra if you wanted to drop down to the lower plan and receive the prorata refund.

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