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Telstra turns a blind eye to identity theft

Hi everyone

I have recently been informed that in 2017 Telstra allowed a fraudulent account to be established under my name and old address, using a driver's license that was not mine so was clearly not checked appropriately.

I am not having to take several days off work to gather evidence and attempt to rectify this issue now that Telstra have handed the fraudulent account case to debt collectors. Telstra have been unwilling or unable to assist in fixing this situation. Even after gathering ample evidence, I have been told I can only submit the evidence to Telstra in person in store. The debt collection company accept a stat dec and certified documents online, but the telecomunications company Telstra apparently can not.

I will be taking legal action against Telstra for failing to protect their customer and to assist in resolving the issue of their making.

I understand this fraud has occurred to others in the Sydney area from around 2017. If you wish to join forces in a class action please reach out.

Kind regards


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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Telstra turns a blind eye to identity theft

Class actions cost many thousands of dollars to kick off.

You need to get in contact with the Ombudsman via www.tio.com.au if Telstra had not resolved the issue.
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