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Telstra24/7 customer support service beyond impressed

Have now seen Telstra store reps for help but are unable to as they don’t have access to reinstate account account up to date an in credit but all services restricted have reported payments made complaints followed all guide lines to

what app an site says to do 24/7 is a joke no one there to answer calls or support there customers store has escalated the issue but highly doubtful will be resolved anytime soon I get there is a pandemic yet my partner an my self are still working not from home our phones are vital for work an personal ie contact with children have had to purchase pre paid to make this complaint discussion for answers partner has already lost two days income due to not having contactable means with work should not have to purchase pre paid while paying for a service already next step will be with ombudsmen as two days income is a massive hit to our finances an support we have received from Telstra is in acceptable 

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