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Terrible Customer Service. Just one lie after another.

Customer Service is a Joke. 6 Weeks, With No End in Sight.
After about 6 weeks, and hours and hours of phone calls, it seems that I'm no better off now, than the day I started.
In mid October, I visited the Telstra shop, to get bill for an existing service, in to my name. I brought all the paperwork with me, and asked if the bill for that service, could be sent to me, and direct debited from my account. No other changes, just a simple change in the name that appears on the bill. The person assisting me in this matter said "No problem sir, I can do that for you now." While I was there, I also got a new mobile broadband plan ($89 per month). After not too much time, everything seemed to be sorted, and I left, thinking that the process had been fairly painless.
After a couple of months, I was going through my bank statements, and noticed that Telstra had direct debited $520 from my account, for the 20th October - 20th November billing cycle. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, so I checked the next month (20 Nov - 20 Dec) and the amount that was direct debited for that month, was $348. The billing amount should have been $138 (Pinnacle entertainer bundle) plus $89 for a seperate mobile broadband plan ($227 total)
I rang Telstra customer service, and after about an hour and a half, I was told that there was a mistake, but everything was now sorted. A week or so later, I receive a bill for Dec - Jan, for the amount of $345. After seeing this new charge, I rang Telstra, explained that this bill was wrong, and that I had already spoken to someone about it, blah, blah blah. They informed me that rather than just changing the name on the bill, they had put all the services from the pinnacle bundle, into my name INDIVIDUALLY. They then said how sorry they were, put me on hold, and cut me off. I rang back, and was told that they can't put me back on to the person that I had been speaking to previously, but if I can start again, they can assist me.
I couldn't believe it, but what could I do? So...I started again. After not too long, she asked for my phone number, in case we get cut off, and said she would send me an email, that contains all the information required, to get back in contact with her again. After about 3 long conversations, over about a week or so, she advised me that the best thing to do, is to sign up to a new 24 month contract, offering the same services (the new contract is $170 per month), in my name. She said that the charges for the most recent 3 bills, would be at the old contract rate ($138), but will be $170, from Jan - Feb period, on. Also, if I sign up for the new 24 month contract, early termination fees etc. will be waived, as there is only a couple of months left, on the old contract. The new contract comes with free connection, free Telstra Max Gateway and free standard Foxtel installation. I thought the whole issue was coming to an end, and she said an email had been sent, if I want to get back in touch with her.
After a while, I needed some information, so I read the email, which contained a "Get Back in Touch" button. I pressed it, and it said "I'm sorry, we can't connect you to that person, Ring Telstra for assistance" or something like that. I rang Telstra, and they say, that they don't have direct lines, can I start again. START AGAIN, Are you kidding? What is the point of sending me an email with all the employee information, reference numbers, etc. if it's all useless information?
I asked if my bill for Dec - Jan, had been updated, and if my account had been credited, for all the excess charges, from September - now. I was told " yes, it's all fixed, your account is in credit. You just can't see it, because we can't alter bills that have already been issued". The next day, I check my bank account, and see that Telstra had direct debited $335, earlier that morning. What the hell is going on??? I keep getting told that things are sorted out, only to find out that Nothing is sorted out. To top it off, someone from Foxtel rang 2 weeks ago, asking for a document to verify my address. I sent it, it was approved, and a week later, I get a phone call wanting a document to verify my address. I sent it again, it was approved, then yesterday, I get a phone call. It's someone from Foxtel, asking me to provide a document, to verify my address. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I responded "No, I'm not verifying my address for the third time in 2 weeks." He apologised, and I haven't heard anything back yet.
So after hours and hours on the phone, over several weeks, I'm still being overcharged for the services that I have, my account hasn't been credited for the excess charges, I haven't received my c6300 Modem router, I haven't got Foxtel connected, and I need to verify my address, for the third time.
What can I possibly do??? I keep getting told everything is sorted, only to find out that NOTHING IS SORTED.

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Re: Terrible Customer Service. Just one lie after another.

Hey Sniper, that's like re reading war and peace, and not a good version of it either.


This is first and foremost a peer to peer customer to customer forum, with some Telstra staff moderating and adding suggestions when they can, so for something like this, you'd need top level assistance at a company level.


My suggestion to you would be go to the link I'm providing here and fill in an official complaint form online and in the details of the complaint, paste a copy of what you have expressed here. This should get some upper level wheels turning for you, hoprefully: https://say.telstra.com.au/customer/general/forms/Email-Complaint



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Re: Terrible Customer Service. Just one lie after another.

Thank you very much DEANJA, I'll give that a try, and keep the community posted.

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