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Trade in of my phone

Referance Number 0000045753


Did you receive my google pixel 3 phone i traded in ?

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Re: Trade in of my phone

No-one at CrowdSupport has access to account information..


Difficult as it is, during these Covid impacted Telstra times, your best option is to use the My Telstra  app, Go to Get Help tab and use the blue Chat Window to leave a message.

Type in 'Talk to a consultant' and you should be put in a queue for some to message you back - it might take a few hours.

But you don't need to stay on the app, just make sure Notification is turned on, and close the app without logging off. 

You will receive a response message and you can start chatting.

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Re: Trade in of my phone

The trade in program is run by a company called Kingfisher, so Telstra may not have a record of receipt  for some time. Kingfisher state (see link) that it may take 2 monthly bills to receive the actual credit on your account.

Whether the Telstra system can interface their system if they received it is another issue.


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