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Unable to query our bill

G'day all,


we have been charged an incorrect "Technician Assisted In Home Trouble Shooting" fee on our current bill, but with the current COVID19 impacts we can't find a way to query this charge. Every option we have tried leads to a dead end, we've tried via the app, phoning the customer service center and through the website.


Does anybody have a suggestion on how we can get this sorted before we have to pay for this incorrect charge and try our luck in seeking a refund later on?


Thanks in advance for any help.

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Re: Unable to query our bill

So we have an update.

After we decided to NOT pay the incorrect charge on our last bill and after still not being able to find a way to sort this out with Telstra, despite our best efforts, today we received an email from the Credit Management Team with implied threats that if we didn't pay up our service may be compromised.

My wife has unsuccessfully tried every avenue available in the current COVID19 environment to sort this incorrect charge out with Telstra but here we are facing compromised service and the bad credit rating etc. If we billed Telstra for my wife's hourly rate in time wasted trying to get this sorted, then it would be Telstra owing us money.

We completely understand that the current environment makes things more difficult than usual but in my industry, if I overcharged a customer and then denied them the ability to challenge the mistake, I would be facing regulatory infringements. 



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