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Unauthorised third party charges on my mobile bill

My experience with the KKO Store has a similar ring to it as other posts on this subject.


It started, like "Hallmark", with a text the same as his, which I also thought was a scam, and immediately deleted it.  I received a second one a week later and promptly deleted that one too.


It was when I got my account email showing the "Third Party Charges", and on the same day another of the same texts, that the alarm bells rang and texted the STOP reply to the text message (which it stated was a free message).


I then tried to contact the said company, and like others got the number disconnected message.  I did some further digging and got through to an answering machine and left my details, which was apparently ignored.


I finally got through to a representative of the KKO Store, Garetth, today.  He informed me that to have the charges on my account that I, or someone using my phone, would have had to gone to the link in the test and then activated the service, he couldn't tell me what that was.  When I tried to explain to him that this was not the case, he repeated, what I assume was a standard reply, Ï'm not going to get into an argument over that with you.  You will have to email our help desk to get a refund".  My first thought to that statement was that if all was above board, whay are they so quick to offer a refund.


I then contacted Telstra.


I got the usual automated system that told me there would be a twenty minute wait and so set up to be called back.


Over an hour later Vandy from Telstra rang me, and after I explained the situation she, without hesitation, offered to take the charges off the account and sent me a confirmation email within minutes.  She also assured me that she would be placing the Premium SMS bar on my account.


When I asked her why Telstra was operating with these obviously fraudulent complanies she tried to explain that Telstra has no control over who customers deal with.  Agian explaining that I did not initiate this service she offered the exlplanation that some customers do in fact opt in to these sites.  Getting the impression that the conversation was on the proverbial round-a-bout, I left it there.


I, like other users. do not have my number out there in the public domain, and would wonder where these types of companies get their information, if not from Telstra.


Oh, and the supposed free text to stop the service from KKO, I have found by the 24/7 app, has cost me 25c.

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