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Upgrading Plan confusion

Hi, We upgraded our wireless internet plan from 4GB to 8GB. Now on the bill it says we have a new plan/bundle. Does this mean our contract date starts again?

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Re: Upgrading Plan confusion

Did you 'upgrade' to the new level or did you just get them to move you to a higher plan.


It all depends on how it was done. If you 'upgraded' then you most probably would have been recontracted for another contract term. Otherwise if you just got your plan increased to the higher one you should not have been recontracted.


You do not need to recontract to change your plan.


If you contact Telstra they can tell you what the start & end dates of your contract are.


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Re: Upgrading Plan confusion

Generally speaking you wouldn't have been recontracted unless you requested a new device to be sent (such as a new 4G modem).

As Boggles says though, best bet is to have a quick chat with customer service (either on the phone or online chat) and they will be able to confirm this for you.
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Re: Upgrading Plan confusion

To my knowledge, If you upgrade your plan online you shouldn't get re-contracted but I believe it's done automatically when you call up even though it's not required and can be manually removed when placing the plan change.

As both posters have said the only way to know for sure is to either speak to livechat, a mod or call accounts.

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