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Use of satellite phone with the new international daypass activation

Telstra's new automatic activation of international roaming daypass does not work at all for my use of their service. Are other people as upset as I am?

This is a particular issue with my satellite phone and the costs for me will be hugely increased.

I turn on my satellite phone daily (in Nepal usually) to see if there are any SMS messages requiring me to call Australia for my business or family. I then use SMS to respond or call in emergencies.

So say $0.75 each to receive the day's message for say 40 days = $30.00 maximum (usually there is only a message once or twice a week). Each time I turn on the phone now it will activate a $10 daypass, so a cost of $400 instead!!

Or have It got it totally wrong? How can I maintain my security in remote areas with this system?

To clarify, I insert my Telstra post-paid SIM into my Iridium phone because I am in remote areas where there is no or very limited mobile reception. I do not have a post-paid Iridium contract. I have used this system for the past 15 years without problems or great expense. If there is an emergency, then the cost is acceptable.

A similar issue arises when I am in Spain for 2 months a year, except that there I turn on my phone daily to connect to the hotel's wifi and check for SMS messages. Every time I turn it on is it going to cost me $10 with automatic activation of the international daypass? Even though I have no need to make any calls at all?

Does anyone else have this concern please?

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Re: Use of satellite phone with the new international daypass activation

HI @Taghairm I can see we replied to a similar post from you yesterday Smiley Happy 

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