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What are my rights?

I have been fighting with Telstra for over a year now regarding my bills due to not receiving satisfactory services which I am paying full price for. I ended up with a new phone part way through my plan for free to try and resolve the issues, however I have had even more issues, they have been bought up with telstra for 6+ months and still cannot solve them. However now I am in my final contract month, I have asked for the credit on my account to be transferred into my nominated bank account. I was told it would take 5 business days, 7 business days later nothing in my account, I ring and get told the refund is on hold (news to me) and have to wait a further day to be contacted (would they have rang me if I hadn't rang them). I am advised I have had a payment onto my account duplicated, however upon looking at the bill in question, there are 2 payments for the same amount, however there are different "tags" as to what each credit is for. I have just spoken to a customer service rep and found that there are no notes explaining what either payment is for. My question is, what are my actual rights here as I have proof to show 2 separate payment made onto my account by telstra, but you have no proof that it is a duplicate as they are payments for different reasons. Do you really have the right to decline one without proof of a duplication? What are my rights in the fact that over the 6+ months, I have rang countless times to speak to supervisors to confirm that my account was correct and that I would not have to repay anything later down the track, to which I was told, "No, everything is correct, I can guarantee you will not have to repay anything". Why should I be held liable for your companies negligence?

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Re: What are my rights?

Heya gerswell,

Firstly, welcome to CrowdSupport.

Before advising of what you're rights are, we would need more information on the situation.

It certainly sounds like there has been some confusion in relation to payments and credits on your account and we would definitely like to assist you further in clarifying what's happened.

Please send me a private message and we'll go from there. Smiley Wink

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