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When does the $9/month for the Testra Box stop


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Re: When does the $9/month for the Testra Box stop

The term of the payment arrangement for the Telstra TV was probably 3 years. So 36 months from when you purchased. The amount outstanding or payments remaining, seems a bit hard to find with all the changes made inside Telstra with billing, webpages and the app.


But I purchased my two TTV3's outright anyway, so I think I am OK. I'd have to have a look at an earlier bill to see if the previous TTV's on the plan are mentioned in those.


Update: I looked at an older bill and the TTV payment was listed under the Internet Service, but doesn't show repayments/amount outstanding..

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Re: When does the $9/month for the Testra Box stop

The $9 per month payments for a TTV go for 24 months ($216 total).

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