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Where is Auto Recharge?

I was recently auto-updated to the latest Pre Paid plan and advised that payment details for Auto Recharge are not carried over, and to set it up again. Could not see this feature on the app so assumed I could do it when manually topping up. That process failed and I received an error message. Many conversations in chat, emails, and phone calls to Telstra and no one can tell me how to set up Auto Recharge. Always advised to go to Services>More with your services>Auto Recharge - but this location simply does not exist on the My Telstra app, or web account, or my hubby’s app, or web account. Have attempted the process again at manual top up and failed yet again.
Is there a solution?

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Level 21: Augmented

Re: Where is Auto Recharge?

You could query the My Telstra app development team.

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