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Why am I being charged for 13 number calls I am not making?

It started two months ago, multiple 13 number calls charged to my landline. I don't use the landline, there isn't a handset connected. I use my mobile, so does my wife, it's cheaper and more convenient. I've called over a half dozen times to resolve the matter, and keep getting put on hold with no resolution. So I placed a complaint directly via email. I was very clear in both my email and with the operators I spoke to that I do not, and never have had a back to base alarm, medical alert or anything that could be making these calls. Just the Telstra modem and the telstra tv connected via wifi. I received a reply from Complaints that first recapped my complaint that I am being charged for numbers I am not calling and that I do not have a back to base alarm, they then told me that they deemed the charges valid, and that it was probably a back to base alarm I was not aware of. Excuse me?! After this the resolution offered to speak to the previous occupant ( I have been the only occupant, I built the house) as it was their responsibility to remove the device. Or if I wanted a telstra tech to check the problem it would be at my expense. I am getting tired of repeating that there is no back to base alarm. Also these numbers are calling WA roadside assistance, WA Docs hotlines, VIC HSC advice hotlines, VIC NRMA Autoglass and others at crazy times (2:52am) some calls only 2 seconds long. Also I live in NSW! The first time it happened it was five calls all on the same day, the following month another five 13 calls and an added directory assitance call. My next billing cycle already has more of these calls against it as well. I would like to speak to someone who will take this seriously

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Re: Why am I being charged for 13 number calls I am not making?

No one here is able to help you. This is for billing people and you will need to call those...

There could be what is called a "phantom calls" if you are still not on NBN. These are caused by faulty wires, short circuits etc. But they would be to totally random numbers, not systematically to 13 numbers.

Anyway, as I said - you need to talk to billing people.
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Re: Why am I being charged for 13 number calls I am not making?

That is more of an explanation than anyone has given me, thanks ForensicsGuru. I've tried and will keep trying with billing, but I just keep getting fobbed off in a circular fashion. I tell them there is nothing here to make these "phantom calls" and they come back to me implying that there must be a back to base alarm. Round and round we go.

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