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Why did I receive a late payment fee?!

Upon setting up my Telstra account, I registered my bank details with the Teleconsultant and arranged a direct debit. Now I'm left wondering why the money didn't get debited and I am left with a $15 late fee?? There was certainly money in the account.

I was only contacted once about a late bill and as soon as I saw the notification I rung Telstra and sussed it out and yet I'm still being charged for their incompetence??

Yours sincerely
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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Why did I receive a late payment fee?!

You will need to either call Billing on 132200 or via to find out what happened as nobody here can access Accounts or Billing information.

If that can't solve it, you can lodge a formal complaint via
to get it investigated.
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