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Why is Telstra Billing me for a service which was cancelled on August 16th?

I used to have a Telstra Cable Broadband Service with a Foxtel package on it, for which I paid $109.00 per month.  The service was not on a 24 Month Contract and was always paid on time.


On August 16th The plan was canceled by Telstra as I was moving from Sydney to Brisbane and they were to provision an NBN Service in Brisbane and transfer the Foxtel Service to it.


At the time the service was cancelled I had already paid for the month and had a zero balance.


I have returned the Foxtel Equipment when asked to do so using the labels provided by Foxtel.


Telstra have continued to bill me for the service every month despite several calls for which I have received numerous rererence numbers, none of which mean anything to the call centre operator in Manila when I call Telstra to complain about still being billed.  Last two times I have been advised that I don't have to pay the bills and that it is not Telstra's fault, that it is a Foxtel problem...


I care not whose fault it is, I simply wish to have the bills stop and an apology for them in the first place.


Atrocious billing practices and pathetic customer support are not acceptable from Australia's biggest carrier.


How can this be rectified, to whom must I speak to get this major mess fixed.



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Re: Why is Telstra Billing me for a service which was cancelled on August 16th?

My suggestion - Go directly to the TIO ie The Telecommunications Ombudsman. It took me 18 months of talking to o/s call centres. Going through all the scripted testing till I was pulling my hair out!  I am always polite to these people after all it is their job and I would personally hate it!

We had constant drop outs on pc iPad and worst of all the Smart TV! Not a peak time thing either.


When I finally got a technician sent here it was better than a visit from  Santa Clause! He was a delightful young man who unplugged all devices and phones, then plugged them in one by one and tested the lines. It turned out to be a faulty Telstra handset. It was tripping the circuit with the modem on it! Once that was left unplugged there were no further issues.


Its been almost two weeks now with no drop outs. Circumstantial evidence? I dont think so.


TIO is the way to go. Fill in their on line complaint form.

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Support Team

Re: Why is Telstra Billing me for a service which was cancelled on August 16th?

Hi biztux, my apologies for the poor experience and I trust this can be sorted out for you soon. Trishz has mentioned the TIO as a point of contact for the issue - this is an option, but they will only help follow up if you haven't had any success with the formal complaint process of the telco in question. You can lodge a formal complaint with us by providing further details through the secure link at  www.telstra.com/24x7help which will then be assigned to a dedicated case manager for investigation and help.

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