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Why so long to reconnect my mobile service?

I paid my overdue balance on my service that was disconnected on the 30/5 via credit card and rung Telstra to report receipt number.
It’s now the 12/6 and I’ve still no reconnection or restored service... why does it take mere seconds to disconnect a service but takes ages to reconnect the service?
I’ve rang Telstra on numerous attempts to get my mobile plan back on and keep being told 24/48 hours it will be back on and that has been since it has been disconnected due to miscommunication with Telstra and it’s 24/7 app that’s both said I was in credit in my account, only to find out after disconnection that I wasn’t in credit.
So far I’ve had no mobile service for 14 days going on 15 days? Is this how Telstra treats all its customers?

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Re: Why so long to reconnect my mobile service?

Try ringing the actual Disconnections Department.   If you ring between 9am to 9pm AEST, the call should be answered in Adelaide.   They seem to be able to achieve success with various difficult problems in their field. Credit do not have all the technical resources of Disconnections.

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Re: Why so long to reconnect my mobile service?

Thank you for advice, much appreciated

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