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Blackberry Compatibility on Telstra Network

Hi all,

Trying to sell an older model Blackberry (not locked in as purchaesd outright overseas) but it does not seem to work on the Telstra network.


Just had someone come out to buy the phone, they put their sim in (which was recognised as their phone number showed up) but unable to make calls.


Went into network settings and all it finds in manual mode is Optus and Vodafone.


Are we not able to use a Telstra sim at all in a Blackberry unless you subscribe to the additional service?


Person buying wants to just use it for calls and sms


HELP please so I can get this sold - such a gorgeous phone just sitting in my drawer unloved and deserves a new home Smiley Wink

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Re: Blackberry Compatibility on Telstra Network



- this might depend on the age of the phone.

- might depend on the specific model number 


suggest try checking model number against and checking the frequency allocation.




check the current available frequencies of Telstra on





Telstra customer 15+ yrs, I am not a Telstra employee and never have been

Kudos and thanks welcomed

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Service Status in your area
Someone asked to check your ping but dont know how
Check all your connected programs
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Re: Blackberry Compatibility on Telstra Network

It may not operate on the 850MHz UMTS band that is used for the Telstra network. It may only use 900 & 2100MHz bands.

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