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5G Home FAQ

Getting started - how do I set up my 5G Home Modem?

Set up is super easy, the advanced 5G Home Modem connects wirelessly to our 5G network, so there are no ethernet cables or extra boxes. Just plug it in where you get the strongest 5G signal in your house – as close to a window as possible. A strong signal is indicated by the green light on your modem. The 5G Home Modem will then connect with your devices wirelessly. Follow the simple steps in our 5G Modem Quick Start Guide

How many devices can I connect to my 5G Home modem?

You can connect up to 100 Wi-Fi capable devices in your home with up to 500GB of data.

You can also connect up to 4 devices via ethernet using the 4 ports on the 5G Home Modem, and a USB device via the USB port.

Note: You won't be able to access your home network externally - so that means you can't change settings on the modem or access a local server set up in your home, from outside your home.

Can I use the 5G Home Modem outside my home address?

Your 5G modem is locked to your home’s location, which means you can only use it to access 5G while it is at that address. In other locations, speeds will be capped at 1.5Mbps or slowed further in busy periods. Learn more about the Telstra 5G Home modem.


Does the 5G Home internet plan come with a landline?

No. You will not be able to use this plan to make or receive calls, or support a home or medical alarm, or lift, that requires a phone service to operate. If you require a phone line, please contact us to discuss alternative options.   All our nbn plans include a landline at no extra cost. Learn more about nbn plans.

Can I use my existing connection at the same time as 5G?

We don’t recommend running both the 5G Home Internet and your existing home internet service, as the two Wi-Fi networks can interfere with each other and cause device connection issues.  We recommend you:

  • Unplug your old modem completely while you set up your new 5G Home Modem
  • Try the 5G Home internet for the first month and if you’re happy, cancel your existing internet service.
  • Or, if you’re not happy with your 5G Home internet, cancel the service with no obligation so long as you return the 5G Home Modem in good working order.

If I’m not happy can I cancel my 5G Home internet and go back to my previous internet plan?

Yes. If you haven’t cancelled your existing internet service, you can simply return your 5G Home Modem to us in good working order. We’ll let you know how to do so when you cancel. Don’t worry – we pick up the postage so there’s no cost to you to cancel.

If you’ve already cancelled your previous internet service, you will need to take up a new internet plan.

We recommend not cancelling your existing internet service until you’ve made sure 5G Home is right for you.

Do add-ons like Netflix and Xbox All Access work on 5G Home internet?

Absolutely! You can enjoy seamless streaming of apps like Netflix, Stan and Foxtel on Telstra 5G Home Internet.

Xbox All Access, and other gaming apps also work on 5G Home internet although you may not achieve the same levels of latency.

I’m a gamer – is 5G Home right for me? 

5G Home will work for the casual gamer – but if you’re a serious gamer in search of single digit latency then this probably isn’t the plan for you.

If you aren’t sure, you can take advantage of our flexible offer – get it home, give it a go, and decide for yourself. If 5G Home isn’t right for you, simply cancel and return your 5G Home Modem in good working order. 

What isn’t compatible with 5G Home Internet?

Wi-Fi Booster, Wi-Fi Guarantee, Game Optimiser, Telstra AIR, Broadband top ups and Telstra Broadband Protect are not compatible with this plan.

How do I return my 5G Home Modem?

When you contact us to cancel your 5G Home service, we will send you all the return details via email. 

How can I check my data usage or manage my 5G Home internet service?

You can manage your plan and check your usage via My Telstra. Make sure you’ve got the latest version of the app installed.

What speed does the 5G Home internet plan offer?       

Typical evening speeds for this plan are between 50 and 300Mbps during the busy period (7-11pm), Your actual speeds may be slower and will vary throughout the day and are impacted by factors such as distance from the 5G mobile tower, any obstructions between your modem and the 5G mobile tower, the number of users online, and where your modem is located in your house.

You can check your internet speed at with the Telstra Speed Test.



I’m having trouble with my 5G Home Internet connection, how do I fix it?

You can run automated tests on your service to diagnose and resolve your query.

Start troubleshooting now >


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