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Arcadyan Firmware Update Notes – 12.15r

Recently we rolled out two firmware updates to our Arcadyan Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2’s. This includes updates relating to our new gaming add-on Game Optimiser, as well as a few additional fixes and changes:


Device: LH1000

Current Firmware Version: V0.12.15r

Current Duma OS Version: 3.0.167



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What’s Fixed?

LAN Client IP Address Fix

We identified an issue where the local IP address of some connected devices were not displaying correctly in the modem dashboard when a Smart Wi-Fi Booster was also connected. This issue should now be resolved.





Bridge Mode Fix

We identified an issue where enabling bridge mode in the modem dashboard did not always enable bridge mode. This has now been resolved.

Bridge mode can be found via Go To Advanced > Internet > WAN Services





IPv6 Ping/Traceroute Improvements

The Ping and Traceroute features using IPv6 have been improved and should now work more reliably.

You can find Ping and Traceroute via Go To Advanced > Diagnostics > Ping / Traceroute




Security/Minor updates

Some minor security updates and fixes have also been included in this update, including:

  • CPU usage improvements
  • Improved Wi-Fi guest network isolation



What’s Changed?

Wi-Fi Protected Management Frames Default Setting

Wi-Fi PMF is now enabled by default. For more information on Wi-Fi PMF, please see the previous firmware notes post here.

The Wi-Fi PMF button can be found via WI-FI > 2.4GHz and WI-FI > 5GHz.






What’s New?

Telstra Game Optimiser - DumaOS Integration

Game Optimiser is our new gaming add-on that gives you the power to prioritise traffic in your home network, choose servers, help curb lag spikes and more.

Powered by DumaOS gaming software for Telstra Smart Modems, it works with most game, connected consoles and devices. Game Optimiser customers can still reach the modems normal dashboard via the Settings button at the bottom of the left side panel.


Find out more about Game Optimiser >


Get support from experts – right here on CrowdSupport.

We’ve got a dedicated Game Optimiser discussion board – so you can get support from our Game Optimiser Experts.


Visit the discussion board >







 +  Additional Details

Bridge Mode

A modem is a device designed to connect to the internet and pass that data through, historically via modulation and demodulation (which is where the name comes from), whereas a router is a device that forms a home network and is designed to route data to, from, and between the devices connected to it. Telstra Smart Modems are a modem/router combination which can perform one or both these tasks at the same time. Bridge mode is a feature of these types of devices that turns it into modem only, allowing another device to act as the router in the home network instead.


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