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Connect to Telstra Air on OS X and MacOS

Connecting to Telstra Air on your OS X or MacOS Device:
Step By Step Guide


  1. Select the Wi-Fi drop down menu from the toolbar
  2. Select Telstra Air from the drop down list.
  3. You should then get a portal page, Telstra Air members continue by clicking 'Log In'
  4. You should then get a log in page, continue by entering your login details and clicking log in.LoginPage.jpg
  5. You are now connected to Telstra Air.


  • Once you get this page you are conncted to the Telstra Air network and up and running.
  • You are welcome to close the connection screen by clicking 'done' in the bottom right corner. Closing the screen will not disconnect your session.
  • Each session will last up to 12 hours continous or until the connection is lost in which case you just need to reauthenticate following this same process. 
  • Also note that if your device connection times out, from going to sleep or shutting the lid - This may cause your session to disconnect and may require you to log in again. 
  • While loading the screens of the portal sometimes it can take a bit of time between screens. 
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