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How to install an Indoor Wi-Fi HD Camera

In this video we will show you how to install an indoor Wi-Fi camera as part of your Telstra Smart Home system.


What you'll need:
Telstra Smart Home App,
HD camera,
Power adapter,
Ethernet to power adapter,
Ethernet cable,
Rubber grommet,
Mounting screws.

We'll show you how to assemble the cables, install the camera on either a table or wall, then check the camera angle using the Telstra smart home app.

Assemble the cables
• Plug the power adapter into the matching end of the ethernet to power adapter.
• Plug one end of the ethernet cable into the other end of the ethernet to power adapter.
• Slide the rubber grommet over the other end of the ethernet cable.
• Push the ethernet cable into the back of the camera until you hear it click.
• Slide the rubber grommet up the cable and push the edges over the camera plug.

Install the Camera
When choosing a location to install the Camera bear in mind it needs a power point and needs to be in range of your Wi-Fi you can also attach the camera to a surface like a wall or ceiling using the supplied bracket and mounting screws. 

Once you have selected the location for your camera ensuring there's an available Power Point nearby now it's time to check the camera angle with the image on the Smart Home App. Simply adjust the camera to get it right where you want it.

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