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How to manage the sites your family can visit with Telstra Broadband Protect

This article and video explains How to manage the sites your family can visit with Telstra Broadband Protect.

Telstra broadband protect parental controls allows you to manage what your family can see and do online.

We'll show you how to turn on content controls and how to block sites so your family can't access them.

Go to the App Store or Google Play to download and install the Telstra Home Dashboard app

Opent the Telstra Home Dashboard app. The quality of your internet connection will be checked. If the connection is good you will be automatically taken to the home screen.

Scroll down and login with the account that manages your internet service (Telstra ID). Once logged in, scroll down and press ‘Parental Controls’ to see how your family will be protected. Tap ‘More Details’ then tap on ‘Content Control’ to see the kinds of sites each content control allows and the types of sites which are blocked.

To block a specific site on the controls page tap on blocked sites to open up a list of block sites. To add a new site to the list hit ‘Add’ in the top right corner then enter the site's URL and click ‘Save’.

All of the devices connected to your modem are now protected. You may need to reset your browser for the changes to take effect.  

When anyone connected to your home internet tries to go to a website which isn't allowed they'll be blocked. If you want to access a site which is blocked simply enter your Telstra ID. 



Find out more about Telstra Broadband Protect.

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