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How to optimise your gaming performance

Speed is important, but it's not the only meaurement to pay attention to on your connection.  


Please be aware that BigPond doesn't guarantee any set Pings times or Latency, so our Technical Support team will be unable to help in this area.  Further reading: International routing, latency and ping, Our Customer Terms.


Latency is very important.

Its a measure of a "round-trip" e.g. the time to send a packet of data, and receive a response back from the destination.


The lower the latency or "ping" the better reaction times you have online when gaming.

This might mean the difference between scoring that goal in Fifa or taking someone's dog tag in Battlefield 3 OR having a responsive session interacting via VNC with a remote pc.


Telstra's network is large and diverse. We do however offer customised xDSL profiles to help customers with stability/noise issues, and also a "gamer" profile in addition for ADSL2+ Customers. This profile disables interleaving. 



Remember, speed does NOT equate to latency. Speed refers to how quickly you can download something. Latency refers to the length of time it takes a packet to travel from Point A to Point B.


 If you need help troubleshooting, check out our International Routing, Latency and Ping article


Setting DMZ Mode (DeMilitarized Zone)


Setting the DMZ Mode is not within BigPond Technical Support boundaries so they will be unable to help you with this.  However you should be ablefind plently of help on various gaming forums on the internet.


Some servers and games can also be affected by your local network restrictions. Some of you may have experienced this in the form of "Strict NAT" errors or similar. The best way to get around this is to assign your gaming device to DMZ mode. What this does is allow traffic through all ports, allowing smoother and less restricted game play. This can however cause security issues on computers so sometimes this is best to do with consoles only.


Depending on what modem or router you have you may be able to assign a MAC ID of a device to DMZ mode or create a DMZ server. With a DMZ server you need to choose a local IP to the DMZ mode and also manually assign your devices network connection to the same IP. For example, you can set your DMZ server to and manually set your network connection on your gaming device, whether it be PC, Xbox360 or PS3 etc. 


You use anything from 0 to the # of your default gateway. In this instance the default gateway is and we can use anything up to .137. It's generally better to go higher than the number of devices you would have connected to your router at any one time to avoid conflicts.)

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