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How to report or complain about spam

How can I report or complain about spam messages I've received?


There are several options you have, depending on wherethe email's come from, and whether you'd like to report or complain about it.


If the email doesn't contain offensive, fraudulent, pornographic or gambling content, and doesn't breach your privacy, and the email originates within Australia or refers to an Australian product or service:


  • You might want to contact the sender directly and ask that you be removed from their mailing list. We recommend calling them because replying to suspected spam can sometimes generate more.  For more information, see What can I do to help reduce spam?.
  • You can report spam manually to the ACMA by completing an online spam submission form.
If the email originates outside of Australia or where the origin is unknown, unfortunately not much can be done aside from reporting the spam or forwarding the email (including header information) to:
If the email does contain offensive, fraudulent or gambling content, or breaches your privacy and:

It contains offensive content

  • If the email contains content you think might be prohibited, like pornography or pictures of violence, you might be able to register it as an internet content complaint through ACMA.

If it endorses prohibited gambling

  • If you've received spam that promotes a gambling site that sounds suspicious, it may be prohibited under the Interactive Gambling Act 2001. You can lodge a complaint about prohibited gambling advertising or sites through ACMA.

If it sounds like a scam or asks for your personal details

For more information about reporting and complaining about spam, visit ACMA's spam reporting, complaints and enquiries site.
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