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How To Troubleshoot Problems With Sending or Receiving Emails

Problems with sending or receiving emails


If you are suddenly experiencing difficulties with sending or receiving emails through your BigPond mailbox, it may be due to one of these three possible causes:


1. Your BigPond password no longer meets the minimum standards.


The password requirements have changed over the years and should now be between 8-16 characters long and contain at least one of each character type: lower case, upper case and numerals. If your password doesn't meet these requirements, please log in via My Account to change the password and update your email app.


If this is the primary account for your internet service, ADSL and Velocity customers may also need to update their modem settings with this new password.

Currently accepted characters are ASCII values 33-126:
- Letters A-Z
- Letters a-z
- Numbers 0-9
- Symbols . (full-stop), _ (underscore) and - (hyphen)



[Note: after logging in to My Account you will need to select Settings then Personal Settings from the menu in the top right of the screen]


2. You are using outdated settings.

The server settings have changed over the years, so making sure that you have the most up to date server configuration is something that shouldn't be overlooked.

The current email settings for POP and IMAP can be found on the table here

It is recommended that customers use the IMAP settings and the above link provides information on the two types so that you can determine which is most suitable for your needs.

3. Your account has been identified as a source of spam.


As part of the fight against spam, your account may be suspended if your account has been compromised. 


In this instance it is recommend that internet security programs are updated and all devices scanned.  Once it has been confirmed that your devices are clean, then contact our Tech Support Team so that this can be reactivated. You will be given a new password, and it is important that you change this using the guidelines, and is different to any previous passwords. 


ADSL & Cable: 133 933

NBN: 1800 834 273

Velocity:  1800 008 994


It is also recommended that customers log into webmail and confirming that there are no unexpected email forwarding or reply to settings configured.

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