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How To Use Guest Pass With A Telstra Air Membership

Telstra Air members can purchase a Telstra Air Guest Pass. While your guest pass is active, any data you use will not be counted towards your home broadband account.

It’s important to remember that you will need to re-activate your Telstra Air membership associated with your broadband service when your guest pass expires.

How do I re-activate Telstra Air membership after my guest pass has expired?
You can re-activate your Telstra Air broadband service after your guest pass has expired by following these steps:

1. Login to My Account
2. Select the broadband service that you used to join Telstra Air
3. In the “Telstra Wi-Fi” section, select “Set as default account” to link the account to your Telstra Air membership

I have an active guest pass - as a Telstra home broadband member can I also activate Telstra Air?
If you decide to become a Telstra Air member, your guest pass will be deactivated when you join and any remaining time on it will be forfeited.

I have activated the Telstra Air Free Wi-Fi Offer – can I buy a guest pass?
If you have activated the Telstra Air Free Wi-Fi Offer you can’t purchase and use a guest pass using the same Telstra ID as you already have free Wi-Fi data at Telstra Air hotspots as part of that offer.

Find out more about Telstra Air Free Wi-Fi Offer.

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