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How To Use Home Broadband Free Data Top-ups

Our new solution when you've exceeded your Fixed Broadband Data limit!


Fixed Home Broadband customers* are able to top up their data allowance up to three times a year. 


This means that any Telstra fixed broadband customer who has exceeded their data allowance, will be able to request their service is "topped up" to receive an additional 100% of their monthly download quota. This is able to be requested up to three times in a calendar year. At the start of the next billing month, your data allowance will go back to your normal monthly allowance. Every time you top-up, you will receive an email confirming the number of top-ups you have left for the calendar year.


Customers who are new to Telstra are eligible for the three top ups from the date your service activates until the end of the calendar year.  Unused top ups expire at the end of the calendar year.


Top Ups will only return your service to it's full speed if it has been slowed due to exceeding your monthly usage allowance. It will not work on a service that has been slowed by Credit Management. 


How to add the data top up via the 24x7 app on iOS and Android









How to add the data top up via My Account




Once you have selected your top up in My Account, you will see this confirmation message:



You can also request a data top up with the 24x7 Live Chat service.


Check out the following links If you need assistance to set up your  24x7 App, or My Account log in. 


*Fixed Broadband services include ADSL, Cable, Velocity and NBN

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