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How to use modes in the Telstra Smart Home app

This article walks you through the steps for using modes in the Telstra Smart Home app. We'll explain how to change a mode, how to link automations to a mode and finally how to apply automations to multiple modes.

First we'll go over how to change from one mode to another. Open your Telstra smart home app and you can see your current mode highlighted in My Place. Press on the current mode and the change mode screen is displayed, select the mode you want to change to and it will be highlighted in blue then press the back button at the top left of the screen to go back to My Place.

Let's say you want to make all your smart inside lights turn off when you change to away mode, you'll need to link all of your light automations to your away mode. To start go to:

1. Automations Tab
2. Select Create New
3. Select Hub
4. Select Away Mode

Now select the actions you want to happen in away mode, then choose how long you'd like the smart lights to stay off. You'll see a summary of the automation when you go to away mode.

Tap save to create the automation; now when you change your smart home to away mode your lights will turn off.

You can also apply an automation to multiple modes. Go to:

1. Automation Tab
2. Select Create New

You'll see every day has been selected but you can also choose which days you want the automation to apply to and then tap next, now tap to select the start time that you'd like the lights to turn on and press next. Select the action you'd like to take. Next choose the duration then tap next. Then you'll now see a summary of the automation.

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