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Important changes to some Telstra email services

We have launched a new email service called Telstra Mail™  which will provide you with a simple-to-use email service, 10GB of storage and advanced security. This new service will replace the current Telstra and BigPond email service.

We’ll move active email accounts but will only move those that customers want to keep.


NOTE: if you have not received a communication from Telstra about this change then watch this space, the information in this article only applies to customers who have been contacted.


What you need to do before 19th August 2016 to keep your email

If you have a Telstra Service:

  • log into your Telstra Media My Account using your email address/s
  • if you’ve forgotten your password, you can reset it here
  • follow the steps to link your email address to a Telstra service


How much does paid email cost?

If you have a Telstra Service;

The email service fee is included in Telstra’s services.  Telstra customers with prepaid services will need to take up a yearly subscription for ‘Paid Email’.  We’ll give you the first 12 months at no charge.


If you don't have a Telstra Service;

You’ll need to take up a yearly subscription for ‘Paid Email’.  We’ll give you the first 12 months at no charge.


Read more about Paid Email


If you don't have a Telstra Service

Please call 1800 110 045 and we’ll update our records so you can keep your email. You will need to take up a yearly subscription for ‘Paid Email’. We’ll give you the first 12 months at no charge.


I’ve tried to link my account but it hasn’t worked. What do I do?

Please call 1800 110 045 (weekdays 10am to 8pm AEST)


What will happen next?

We’ll contact you in the coming months when Telstra Mail launches to let you know more about the move.


If you don’t want to keep your email

That’s easy, you don’t need to do anything. We’ll disable your email and its contents after 19th August 2016.


Why should I keep this mailbox?
Telstra Mail™ offers a simple to use and consistent email experience across mobiles, tablets and computers, along with:

  • Increased storage to 10GB
  • Advanced security  and spam filtering
  • Consistent look and feel across your desktop and mobile devices.

What happens to my Microsoft# services?

Please note that when closing your mailbox, if you are on then you will still be able to access any Microsoft# services such as OneDrive#, Xbox# or Messenger.


But you will not be able to receive any new incoming email messages.


I no longer want my mailbox but want to keep my content?
Before 19th August 2016 you have the option to set up an email program or device with your email address and password and set it up as a new email account eg.  Outlook# or MacMail, to pull down your messages. This will copy your messages down to an email program or device leaving a copy on your device. Please refer to your email program or device settings to ensure you capture all content for the period required. 


#  Microsoft, OneDrive, Outlook and Xbox are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies.

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