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NBN Quick Start Guide

If you’ve got the Telstra nbn™ Self Install Kit for a Telstra Gateway Max and are on nbn HFC (Hybrid Fibre Coaxial), and need help setting it up – the nbn Quick Start Guide is available here.




What's in the Box?


To set up the Gateway, make sure you have the following:

  • Telstra G ateway Max
  • Wi-Fi security card
  • Power adapter
  • 2 x Ethernet cable




Getting online with the Telstra Gateway Max

  1. Set up your Telstra Gateway Max
  2. Connect to the internet
  3. Connect your computer / devices
  4. Connect your phone
  5. Troubleshooting tips
  6. Managing your Gateway



Connecting Your Gateway Max to the NBN




1. Power Up Your Gateway


Ensure your NBN Connection Box has been installed by NBN Co before
setting up your Gateway. It may take NBN Co up to 24 hours to activate
the Connection Box and for its Link, Online, US DS and Power lights to go
1. Connect the power adapter to the Gateway and power point.
2. Turn on the Gateway by pressing the power button on the back.
3. Allow a few minutes for the Gateway to power on.
4. Check that the Internet light is solid red before proceeding



2. Get the NBN Running


1. Connect the Ethernet cable with the red end to the red WAN port on the
back of the Gateway.
2. On the NBN Connection box connect the other end of the Ethernet
cable to the yellow Ethernet port.
3. Ensure the NBN Connection box is switched on (wait for up to 90 seconds)
and check that all indicators lights (Link, Online, US, DS & Power) are on.
4. Check the WAN and Internet lights on the front of the Gateway are
solid green before proceeding.


3. Connect Your Computer/Devices


Your Gateway allows you to connect your devices to the internet, through a Wi-Fi
or an Ethernet network connection. (Ethernet will give you the fastest speeds)
Make sure you unplug any modems you have been using.



Your new Network Name and password
(Network Key) can be found on the Wi-Fi Security
Card provided, and on the back of the Gateway.



1. Turn Wi-Fi on your computer or device (your Wi-Fi settings may be different for each device).
2. Select the Wi-Fi Network Name on your card from the list on your device, or enter the Network Name
if you do not see it on the list (Note: Connect your device to the 2.4GHz Network Name).
3. Enter the password (Network Key) when prompted to connect via Wi-Fi.
4. The Wi-Fi 1 or Wi-Fi 2 light on your Gateway should turn green to show you have connected via Wi-Fi.



1. Connect the Ethernet cables with yellow ends to a yellow LAN port on the back of your Gateway.
2. Connect the other end of the cable to an Ethernet port on your computer.
3. The Ethernet light on your Gateway will go green to show you have successfully connected via Ethernet.
4. Note: If your home is smart wired or has a patch panel, you may be able use that cabling to connect your gateway and computer even if they are in different locations.



To check you’re online and connected, open you your browser and go to



4. Connect Your Phone


1. Check that the Voice light is green on your Gateway.
2. Disconnect your existing phone from the wall socket.
3. Grab one of the supplied grey phone cables and connect it to the green socket at the back of your Gateway.
4. Connect the other end to your phone.
5. If you are bringing across a Telstra home number to the NBN, it will take around 10 minutes before you will be able to receive calls via that number (please do not use your phone during this time).
6. Check that your phone now has a dial tone. You are now ready to make calls!

7. If you have an old Cable modem ensure you unplug and remove it and where possible ensure the NBN Connection Box is connected directly to the wall socket by removing any 2 or 3 way splitters that are no longer
required. An image of a splitter has been provided for your reference.




5. Troubleshooting Tips


Connecting to your Gateway

If you are having trouble connecting to your Gateway, make sure that:

  • You double check that all cables and cords are firmly attached to your Gateway and NBN Connection Box
  • The power adapter from the kit is connected and the Gateway and NBN Connection Box are both turned on.

If you still have trouble, try restarting your Gateway and computer/device by turning them off. Wait 10 seconds, before turning them on again.

If you hear a busy dial tone or there is no dial tone

Turn the Gateway off, wait 10 seconds and then power it on. Allow up to 3 minutes for the Voice light to turn green and check again for a dial tone.

Can’t find your Telstra Broadband password?

Go to to retrieve or reset your password.

Advanced troubleshooting

Further troubleshooting tips for your NBN connection box and your Gateway can be found in the included NBN Guide.

Still need help?

If you are having problems connecting after trying the above steps you can choose to contact your Case Manager on the direct number they have provided, or alternatively, you can contact us on 1800 834 273.



6. Managing Your Gateway


Using the Gateway control panel

Use the Gateway control panel to manage and customise your Gateway settings. The control panel can be accessed from any device connected to the Gateway. To access the Gateway control panel:

1. Open a web browser on your computer/device.
2. Enter the URL telstra.gateway/ or enter to your browser.

Useful control panel functions:

  • Use Parental Control to protect children from inappropriate content, and restrict internet usage.
  • Go to Wi-Fi to change your Wi-Fi Network Name and Network Key

Online tools

To download tools to assist with managing your service online, please go to

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