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Spam via Telstra or BigPond Email

Thank you to everyone who has let us know about their current experience with Spam.

We're always working to improve our Spam filter,  however some management on your behalf may still be beneficial to help manage your inbox.


In order to help us fine tune the anti-spam checks, please use the 'Mark as Spam' button which moves the email to Junk but at the same time it sends a copy of the email for further investigation.


With every email that is marked as Spam, you are helping us to refine our spam filter. Using the 'Mark as Spam' button will not automatically block the sender so you will still get some emails from the same domain while the data is being processed.


If you want to move emails from specific senders, domains or those containing key words, please log into the Webmail platform to create rules to help manage your inbox.


When adding spam to the block sender list, you can make it more effective by using just the domain (e.g. *  It is essential to add the * before the @ symbol; this is because the spammer will use multiple combinations of email addresses to get past the Spam filters.
Also please be aware that emails with two domain names after the @ symbol will need to be treated as separate domains.

e.g: * wont block likewise, * wont block 

Please let us know if you have any questions about Telstra or BigPond email, we're happy to assist where we can or at least point you in the right direction. 

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