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Telstra Air - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Telstra Air®?

Telstra Air is Telstra’s Wi-Fi network. Eligible Telstra Home Broadband customers can become Telstra Air members and access free Wi-Fi data when out and about, via our network of Wi-Fi hotspots.


If customers have an eligible Telstra home broadband service and a compatible gateway, they can become a member. Their compatible gateway creates a Telstra Air hotspot that others can use. Members share some of their home internet bandwidth at home in return for accessing free Wi-Fi data at Telstra Air hotspots across Australia and at over 19 million Fon Spots overseas. We currently have over 1 million Telstra Air hotspots in Australia.


How can customers access the network?

Telstra Air is available to customers with an eligible Telstra home broadband service and a compatible gateway.  New customers taking up an eligible bundle (any bundle on ADSL, Cable or nbn) with a compatible gateway will be offered a Telstra Air membership as part of their bundle (they can opt out when buying the bundle).  Existing customers can visit to find out the best way to join.


Do existing customers have to opt in?

Existing eligible customers can activate Telstra Air by downloading the Telstra Air App and following the instructions. Existing eligible Telstra home broadband customers without an eligible gateway will need to upgrade to a compatible gateway to become a member. Customers can purchase gateways outright or on monthly repayment options.


How do customers know if they have a compatible gateway?

The compatible  home network gateways that are Telstra Air-ready allowing eligible customers to become a member. They are the;

  • Telstra Gateway Max™ (ADSL/NBN TG799 device, ADSL/nbn TG800 device and Cable CG6300 device)
  • T-Gateway (ADSL/NBN TG797 device)
  • Telstra Gateway Frontier (DJN2130 device) and
  • ADSL Premium Gateway (TG587).

A firmware update enabling the broadcasting of Telstra Air and Fon signals will be applied to a customer’s gateway when they sign up, if it has not already happened. Customers can go into their gateway settings (http://mygateway) to check if the upgrade has been successful – they will see “Telstra Air” appear in their gateway interface.  The hotspot will only be switched on once a customer has chosen to become a Telstra Air member.  


At what point are customers Air member – does the gateway need to be active or is just when they opt in?

Customers become Telstra Air members once their order has been submitted in our CRM (Siebel). It’s at this stage that we automatically send them a welcome email (the ‘opt-in’ KMI). Gateway installation and broadband service activation can occur at a later date.


How do I know if my existing Home Broadband Service is eligible for Telstra Air?

Telstra Air is available to ADSL, Cable and NBN home broadband customers. You will need a Telstra Gateway Max™, T-Gateway® , Telstra Gateway Frontier or an ADSL Premium Gateway.


If you don’t have an eligible Telstra home broadband service you can activate Telstra Air on their eligible mobile services instead.


*Naked Cable broadband customers are unable to join Telstra Air.


What happens if I want to bring my own gateway?

If you use your own gateway, you will not be eligible for Telstra Air, as you won’t be able to share with the community. If you had joined the community and have chosen to replace your Telstra Gateway with another non-compatible gateway, your Telstra Air membership will be withdrawn. 


How do new bundle customers join?

New bundle customers with an eligible broadband service and compatible gateway will be informed about becoming a member when they sign up to their new service and can decide then if they would like to become a member. Our new Telstra Premier Bundles include a Telstra Gateway Max™ for new customers.


New Telstra home broadband customers will be able access Telstra Air hotspots in Australia before their home broadband service is activated. They will receive an email when they can connect with information on how to get started, usually within 2 days of ordering.


Is the service free?

Telstra Air allows eligible broadband customers to access free Wi-Fi data when they connect to a Telstra Air hotspot. Unless customers need­ to upgrade their gateway, there is no additional cost to join the community.


Can I use Telstra Air if I am not a Telstra Air customer?

Non Telstra Air members can buy a Telstra Air guest pass from our public hotspots (eg payphone boothes) or a Fon guest pass for the residential part of our network


Can a customer share their Telstra Air membership with family and friends?

Telstra Air Network access is given to the owner of the home broadband account. Customers can access Telstra Air on multiple devices by using their unique details to login, but only a maximum of 3 devices can connect to the Telstra Air Network in Australia at any given time. 


What’s the difference between the Telstra ID username and the Telstra Air username?

Telstra ID username is what customers use to log in to My Account and other Telstra online services. Customers will also use the Telstra ID for accessing the Telstra Air Network.  If customers don’t have a Telstra ID, they can register for one online with their account number or via the Telstra Air App.


Telstra Air username ends in and can be used to access the Fon Wi-Fi hotspots when overseas when using the local captive portal to login. The login details can be found in My Account Telstra Air username where users can also reset their password.


What is a Fon Wi-Fi pass and how can you purchase one?

Fon Wi-Fi passes allow non-Telstra Air members the ability to access the hotspot that is broadcast from Telstra Air home gateways and Fon Spots overseas.


Customers can do this by connecting to the “Fon Wi-Fi” network and purchasing their pass from the Fon login page.


Can I continue to use Telstra Air if I have reached my data allowance at home?



How much power will my modem use and will it impact my electricity bill?

No. While the Telstra Air modems will broadcast two Wi-Fi channels, our testing shows very minimal incremental power consumption.



How many devices can I connect to the Telstra Air Network™ at any given time?

Telstra Air members can connect up to 3 Wi-Fi devices to the Telstra Air Network in Australia at any given time, using your Telstra ID.

You can connect your devices to a Telstra Air hotspot as long as you:

  1. Are a member of the Telstra Air community
  2. Have a Wi-Fi enabled device
  3. Are within range of a Telstra Air hotspot
  4. Have connected to the “Telstra Air” network using your Telstra ID username and password or via the Telstra Air App

What’s the difference between Telstra Air app and Telstra 24x7 app?

The Telstra Air app enables an automated connection experience for Telstra Air members to our Telstra Air hotspots across Australia and millions of Fon Spots overseas on iOS and Android devices. The app also includes a hotspot map so customers can find their nearest hotspot when out and about. Customers can access the Telstra Air Network using the app provided they are a Telstra customer with an eligible home broadband service, compatible gateway and have become a Telstra Air member.


The Telstra 24x7 App allows customers to manage their Telstra services in one place. Customers can view how much they have used on their Telstra home broadband data allowance,  current and past bill summaries, pay bills, purchase data packs, take advantage of the Telstra THANKS discounted movie ticket offer and access support. A link to the Telstra Air app is also included within 24x7.


Can customers get the Telstra Air App on their BlackBerry or Windows Phone?

No. Unfortunately the Telstra Air app is not available on BlackBerry or Windows devices at this time. Telstra Air members with these devices can still connect using a log-in page where they can enter their Telstra Digital Identity username and password.



Will Telstra Air impact the performance of a customer’s Home Broadband service?

If a customer is a Telstra Air member their Telstra Gateway creates a separate Wi-Fi hotspot that others can use. When others use this hotspot, it doesn't impact the customer’s broadband allowance, it only shares a portion of their home broadband bandwidth.


We know that Wi-Fi speeds are important to our customers so we have put in place network settings are in place to ensure their home network performance is protected. This includes limiting the number of guests per hotspot and switching off hotspot sharing when the line speed into a home drops below a certain level.


What is the service limit set at?

We have set an engineering limit that we will adjust over time base on customer feedback.


How can customers disconnect from the Telstra Air Network?

To disconnect from the Telstra Air Network, customers can simply turn the Wi-Fi off on their device. This will force their device to disconnect from Telstra Air.


Alternatively, if a customer has the Telstra Air App installed on their Android device, they can open the app and hit the ‘Disconnect’ button.


On Android and iOS devices you can also choose to ‘forget’ a network. This will mean that your device will delete your login details to the network, and when you are in range, your device will not try to automatically connect to it. To do this, open the Wi-Fi network list in your device settings, tap the network name, and select the ‘Forget’ button.


As the home broadband user, does my data use in the home get priority over others sharing it?

We have service rules in place to ensure that only a portion of the home broadband customer's Wi-Fi bandwidth is available to share with other the hotspot users. These rules determine when the hotspot is available for Telstra Air members to access which helps protect the customer experience of the home broadband user.



What are the speeds like when connected to the Telstra Air Network?

Given this is a Wi-Fi network, speeds may vary depending on your proximity to our hotspots, the number of others connected to the same hotspot, and the device you are using. We expect that customers will be able to undertake activities such as sending emails, uploading photos and browsing the internet when they are using the Telstra Air Network™.


Is there a time limit on how long customers can be connected to the Telstra Air Network?

Customers can access Telstra Air hotspots for as long as you like.  However, after 20 minutes of inactivity or 12 hours of continuous connection, your connection will time out and you’ll need to reconnect.


Is there a map that can help customers find where they can connect to Telstra Air?

Yes. Customers can find Telstra Air hotspots by using the Telstra Air App or by visiting and selecting “Find a Hotspot” to open the interactive Wi-Fi Hotspot Locator.


What is the range like on a Telstra Air hotspot?

Generally speaking Wi-Fi hotspots have a range of up to 20 metres indoors but in optimal conditions can reach up to 50 metres outdoors.


However, the range of a Wi-Fi hotspot can be impacted by a number of factors including surrounding buildings, interference from other wireless devices, weather conditions and the number of other users.


We recommend customers stay close to the hotspot and keep an eye on their device’s Wi-Fi signal strength.



How can customers connect to Fon Spots when travelling overseas?

Customers can connect to Fon Wi-Fi Hotspots (known as Fon Spots) using the Telstra Air App, the same way they use it in Australia.

If you don’t have the App you can login manually.

  1. Turn on your device’s Wi-Fi
  2. Select “Fon WiFi” from your Wi-Fi network list
  3. Once you have connected to the Fon Wi-Fi network, open your web browser. Enter your username and password into the Fon login page
  4. The username and password is available in My Account

How do you find Fon Spots?

The Telstra Air app shows where Fon Spots are overseas. If you don’t have the app customers can go to to find out where they are.

Fon Spots can be found in the United Kingdom, France, Japan, Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Portugal, Netherlands, Poland, South Africa, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Spain, Italy and in the Moscow region of Russia.


How many devices can be connected to a Fon hotspot?

When connecting overseas only 1 device can be connected at a given time to the Fon network. This means if you want to use Fon Wi-Fi on 2 devices while overseas, you will have to first disconnect from Fon on one of them, before connecting the other one.



What is the pricing structure for each of the offers?

For our fixed broadband customers Telstra Air membership is included in their plan or Bundle price, as long as they have an eligible broadband service and a compatible gateway. 

How are customers charged when accessing the Fon network overseas?

As a Telstra Air member there is no additional charge for accessing Fon overseas - any data used at Fon Spots overseas is free.



How secure is the Telstra Air Network?

Providing a secure and easy Wi-Fi experience for customers is important to us.


Like most public Wi-Fi services, browsing sessions on Telstra Air are open with the communication between a computing device and the wireless point unencrypted. We recommend to customers that it’s okay to use the service for general web browsing and for streaming content, however any activity that requires a secure connection such as internet banking should be done via a mobile or fixed broadband service.


If customers are wanting to share personal information when they're out and about should consider:

  • Using a mobile network connection
  • Using a VPN app which in initiates the exclusive connection from the computing device
  • Or checking that the site they would like to use has HTTPS to protect their exchanged data before proceeding. HTTPS is in wide use on popular sites such as Facebook which started offering it in 2011

What customer information is collected when connected to a Telstra Air hotspot?

Once you are confirmed as a member of the Telstra Air network we don't monitor your internet usage other than how much data you use from your Fixed Broadband account.

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