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Telstra Frontier Gateway FAQ



What is the Telstra Gateway Frontier™ modem?

The Telstra Gateway Frontier™ modem is a “power on working” solution (begins to give you connectivity as soon as you turn it on) that will work on multiple technologies (ADSL, HFC and nbn™ access technologies). The modem has an inbuilt pre-activated mobile sim card that provides internet connectivity over Telstra’s 4G mobile network when you don’t have access to fixed broadband such as when waiting for your new connection to become active or moving home.


Telstra will automatically notify you when the service has switched over to the mobile backup connection and when it has switched back to the fixed broadband.


See ‘What speeds can I expect when using the Telstra Gateway Frontier?' to find out more about your service speeds when operating via the mobile backup connection.


How does it work?

The Telstra Gateway Frontier™ modem is able to detect when your fixed broadband connection is not available. Once this happens the gateway will automatically switch over to the mobile backup connection to keep you connected through the inbuilt sim card.


The gateway will continue to monitor if a fixed connection is available and once detected, it will automatically switch back.


Why are you launching the Telstra Gateway Frontier™?

Telstra is committed to becoming a world class technology organisation and ensuring our customers’ experience is exceptional.


Telstra is utilising our  fixed and mobile networks to maintain fast, safe and reliable broadband and meet the need for constant connectivity.


Is this product launch a response to the recent network outages?

No, this product is a first for an Australian broadband provider in Wi-Fi and mobile technology that has been in development for over nine months.


It addresses a number of different customer needs such as the Plug & Play ability allowing you to get connected sooner when you plug in at home through our mobile network (using your home broadband allowance), whilst your home broadband is being activated. This helps customers be online quicker and get connected, great for when moving home. 


Further, you have the reliability of the Telstra Gateway Frontier™ which gives you peace of mind that your modem will switch to the Telstra Mobile Network if required, giving you a connection you can count on. If there is an interruption on your home broadband such as planned network maintenance, the gateway will switch over automatically to the Telstra Mobile Network.


Why would I want a Telstra Gateway Frontier™?

The Telstra Gateway Frontier™ is an innovative device that will keep you connected by automatically switching networks for you.


The device will notify Telstra of any issues so we can investigate service disruption. It will allow for seamless transition to the nbn network when available in your area and you won’t need to get another modem. It will keep you connected should you move home until the fixed broadband is activated.


Why does the Telstra Gateway Frontier look so different to my previous modems?

The design of the Telstra Gateway Frontier™ was a collaborative effort between Telstra and the award winning design studio Design + Industry.


We worked to create a balance between aesthetically pleasing, modern and practical to distinguish our Gateway solutions from the modem’s that people are more familiar with.




What are the specifications of the Telstra Gateway Frontier?


Integrated Mobile Module

  • The device can access Telstra’s 4G network using an inbuilt SIM card

Wireless capability

  • The latest Wi-Fi technologies have been included in the device
  • Dual-band concurrent Wi-Fi interfaces:
  • IEEE 802.11n 2.4 GHz using 3x3 BRCM 4360 maximum 26dBm
  • IEEE 802.11ac 5 GHz using 4x4 BRCM 4366 maximum 30dBm

Ethernet Capability

  • 1xGigabit Ethernet WAN port
  • 4x10/100Mbps/1Gigabit LAN ports

USB Master Capability

  • Customers can connect an external drive to the device enabling network storage

Remotely Manageable

  • The device can be remotely accessed for testing via the mobile backup connection, aiding fault identification

NFC Chip Capability

  • Connect Android handset to the Gateway’s Wi-Fi by holding it on the Gateway or simply tapping it with your phone


Mobile Backup


How will I know when I am on fixed broadband or the mobile backup connection?

You will be notified when your connection switches over to either network.

You will also be able to distinguish through LED indicators on the device which network you are operating off. If your ‘ONLINE’ light is magenta it means you are on the mobile backup connection. If your ‘ONLINE’ light is green it means you are on your fixed broadband.


What happens when I’m notified that I’m on the mobile backup connection?

Telstra is alerted when you switch over to the mobile backup connection so that we can investigate if there is an issue with your fixed broadband and work towards repairing your fixed service as quickly as possible.


How is the data billed when I am on the mobile backup connection?

Any mobile data used while your Telstra Gateway Frontier™ is using the mobile backup connection will count towards your fixed broadband allowance. You will not be charged additionally for the mobile data usage.

For example, if you use 100GB of Fixed Broadband data and 2GB of mobile data on the Telstra Gateway Frontier™ this will count as 102GB of your normal fixed broadband allowance.


How many notifications can I expect?

Messages are limited to two messages per day, once when you switch over to your mobile backup connection and once when you switch back to your fixed broadband.

You’ll either receive an SMS or an email alerting you that a switch to the mobile backup connection or a return to your fixed broadband has occurred.


If my fixed broadband goes down while using the internet, will I be disconnected?

There will be a brief disconnection before being reconnected through the mobile backup connection. This should only be for a few minutes.

What speeds can I expect when using the
Telstra Gateway Frontier?

When on the fixed broadband, you will experience normal broadband speeds based on your access type, be it ADSL, CABLE or NBN.


When the Telstra Gateway Frontier™ switches over to the mobile backup connection, you can expect speeds of up to 6 Mbps downloads and 1 Mbps uploads. Everyday speeds will differ due to a range of factors including local conditions and content accessed.


Will I receive better Wi-Fi signal if I position my Telstra Gateway Frontier in a specific direction?

The Telstra Gateway Frontier™ is engineered to have uniform Wi-Fi signal strength in all directions. The Gateway should be positioned upright for maximum range.  It’s a good idea to set up the modem in an open area and off the ground as this will ensure optimal Wi-Fi and mobile backup signal strength.


Will I be limited to what I can do if I switch over to the mobile backup connection?

6Mbps should be enough to perform most online activities such as video streaming, online gaming, video chat, email and internet browsing.

Whilst on the mobile backup connection, the following will not work:

  • nbn voice services
  • Telstra Air®
  • Telstra Broadband Protect
  • T-Voice® services
  • Some Telstra Smart Home™ service features and devices depending on the speeds you experience


Will my voice service work if I am not connected through the fixed broadband network?

If your copper line is not yet connected, or is experiencing a fault, it will not work through the gateway.

The gateway does not currently support nbn voice services.


Does the gateway support voice service too? If not, why not?

The Telstra Gateway Frontier™ does support your voice service provided you have either an active PSTN phone line (with ADSL, Cable and NBN Fixed Wireless services) or an active NBN line (with all other NBN services).

If the gateway is using the mobile backup connection, NBN voice service is not supported.

Over the top third party Voice over IP services such as Facetime and Skype will be supported on the modem over the mobile backup connection as with any other type of internet-based application.


What if I am not in a 4G area?

The Gateway is designed to work on Telstra’s 4G  mobile network.


Why should I use this device over a mobile broadband?

The Telstra Gateway Frontier™ device will automatically swap over your connection without the need for you to intervene. This also means that you will not have to connect any other devices or re-establish any home networks.


Why is the Telstra Gateway Frontier more expensive compared to other devices available?

With a hardware repayment option, you can enjoy the benefits of the Telstra Gateway Frontier™ modem now and pay for the device over 24 months.


How did we get the two networks to ‘talk’ to each other?

The Telstra Gateway Frontier™ makes the decision on which network it’s connected to, fixed or mobile - by default it connects to our fixed network.


If it detects a fault or loses connection on the fixed broadband service it automatically switches to the mobile backup connection and then back again when the fixed broadband service is available.


Who is eligible to get a Telstra Gateway Frontier™?

The Telstra Gateway Frontier™ will be available to new and existing consumer customers, across ADSL, CABLE and nbn technologies on eligible plans who are also within a 4G mobile area.


The device will be available to purchase outright or has a Hardware Repayment Option for customers on our current and future bundles.


The Telstra Gateway Frontier™ modem will be available to customers on a casual plan when the gateway is purchased outright.


The device is not compatible with Telstra Satellite or Velocity.


Where can I purchase the Telstra Gateway Frontier™?

The Telstra Gateway Frontier™ can be purchased through an eligible bundle either in store, online at, 24x7 Chat or by calling 1800 708 867.


When will the Telstra Gateway Frontier™ be available?

The Telstra Gateway Frontier™ will be available in February 2017.




Moves and Migrations

Can I use the same device when I migrate to the nbn network?

Yes, the Telstra Gateway Frontier™ has been designed to make migrating to the nbn network easily.

With the mobile backup connection, this will also ensure that you maintain an internet connection in the event of a delayed migration process.


Can I use the same device when I move?

Yes, the Telstra Gateway Frontier™ will utilise the mobile backup connection until your fixed line has been connected at your new premise.


Advanced Setup


Can I just leave my Telstra Gateway Frontier™ unplugged to use only the 4G mobile backup?

Your fixed broadband connection will always be your primary service for internet connectivity on the Telstra Gateway Frontier. Our Customer Terms only permit the modem be used on the mobile backup connection when your fixed broadband connection is unavailable. Refer to Our Customer Terms for the Telstra Gateway Frontier here.


Can I take my Telstra Gateway Frontier™ with me when I go on holidays and plug it in at another location?

The Telstra Gateway Frontier must only be used at your fixed service address as per Our Customer Terms. Refer to Our Customer Terms for the Telstra Gateway Frontier here.  


Does the Telstra Gateway Frontier™ come with a battery backup?

The Telstra Gateway Frontier™ requires power to operate and does not have a battery backup. If you experience a power outage, the Telstra Gateway Frontier™ will not be operational.


Can I use the Telstra Gateway Frontier™ SIM card in another device?

The inbuilt pre-activated SIM card has been locked to the Telstra Gateway Frontier™ and will not work in other devices


What are the antenna sockets on the back of my modem? Can I use them?

The antenna sockets on the rear of the Telstra Gateway Frontier™ can be used to attach an external LTE antenna. The gateway is equipped with internal LTE antennas so an external antenna should not be required to connect your backup service.


Why doesn’t the Telstra Gateway Frontier come with wall mounts?

The original design of the Telstra Gateway Frontier™ included a wall mounting bracket however during our testing we discovered that having the gateway so close to a wall impeded the mobile signal strength and therefore the performance of the device when operating on the mobile backup connection.


Why has my Cable Telstra Gateway Frontier  come with a Cable Adapter?

The Cable Adapter allows our cable customers to  enjoy the latest technology that we offer on our other technology access types such as ADSL and NBN, like the Telstra Gateway Frontier.


The Cable Adapter makes it possible for the ADSL and NBN gateways to connect to the cable network and it will also make it easier for you when the cable network is eventually migrated to  the nbn network as you can  simply plug the Telstra Gateway Frontier™ into your NBN service and everything will work just as before.

Why has the Telstra IP address changed for the Telstra Gateway Frontier? What is the new IP?

The  IP address for the Telstra Gateway Frontier™ has been selected for compatibility with the mobile network. The Telstra Gateway Frontier™ IP address can be accessed at http://mygateway or


I used to be able to see 2.4G and 5G networks when joining my Wi-Fi.  Why can I  only see one now?

The Telstra Gateway Frontier™ supports “Wi-Fi Band Steering”, which automatically connects your Wi-Fi devices to either the 2.4GHz or 5GHz signal for optimal performance, without having to manually select different Wi-Fi networks. You only need to configure a single Wi-Fi network and password on your device, and you can connect to both Wi-Fi signals seamlessly.


You can disable Wi-Fi Band Steering by navigating to http://mygateway or in your web browser, selecting the Wi-Fi tab and unchecking the “Band Steering Enabled” option.


What does the Blue “Online” light on my ADSL Telstra Gateway Frontier  mean?

A blue “Online” LED indicates that your ADSL Username and Password need to be configured on your Telstra Gateway Frontier™. To connect your ADSL service, navigate to http://mygateway or , select the “Broadband” tab, and enter your BigPond username and password under “PPPoE Settings”.


How do I sync my DECT phone to the Telstra Gateway Frontier?

The Telstra Gateway Frontier™ is compatible with the Telstra T-Voice 502 handset. After putting your T-Voice 502 handset in registration mode, press and hold the “Pair” button on your Telstra Gateway Frontier™  for 3 seconds.


How does the NFC chip capability work with the Telstra Gateway Frontier™?

You can utilise the NFC chip capability on your Telstra Gateway Frontier™ by tapping your compatible Android mobile device on the modem and accepting the pop up on the screen. You will now be connected to the Telstra Gateway Frontier™


Please note you may need to remove your phone case in order for the NFC to work successfully.


Can I change the Wi-Fi SSID and password? How?

Yes. Navigate to http://mygateway or in your web browser, then select the Wi-Fi tab.  There will then be a box to input your new Wi-Fi SSID and password. 


If I am using a VPN and the Telstra Gateway Frontier goes onto the mobile backup connection, will this impact my session? Will my session be impacted again when it goes back to my fixed broadband connection?

Yes, you will need to re-establish your VPN connection after switching between your fixed and mobile backup services on the Telstra Gateway Frontier™.


How do I log into the new Telstra Gateway Frontier? Will I need to enter my BigPond username and password?

Your Telstra Gateway Frontier™ should automatically log in and not require your BigPond details, however if this does not happen, you will be prompted to log in and asked for your BigPond username and password details.

If you have forgotten these details you can reset your password here.


I have completed the setup installation for my Cable internet but when I input my username and password in the popup page, it does not work - What can I do?  

If a page asking to activate your Telstra Gateway Frontier™ appears, please ensure that your BigPond username associated with the Cable connection is correctly inputted.


Note your BigPond username will need to have either the or added to the end as the password is case sensitive.


If you are not sure what the password is, or if you are still having trouble, please call the Cable Connection Team on 1800 135 103 and select Option 2, they are open 7 days, 8am – 8pm.


I’ve completed all of the steps on the Quick Start Guide but I’m still having trouble getting online, who do I contact?

We’re sorry you can’t get your new Telstra Gateway Frontier™ up and running. If you give our tech support team a call on 133 933, they will get you online.  They are available 24hrs, 7 days a week.


 nbn™ is a trade mark of nbn co limited and is used under licence.

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