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Telstra Gateway Max TG799 Parental Controls

In this section you will be able to create/change/delete/view any parental control types as:


  • URL/Keyword Filtering rules
  • Time of Day rules

How to create or change a Parental Control rule, for:


URL/Keyword filtering


  • Click on ‘Parental Control'
  • Click on the ‘Enable' button
  • In ‘Step 1', enter a name for your rule in the ‘Rule Name' field
  • In ‘Step 2', select any Device from the ‘Device(s) with no rules applied' category
  • Click on the ‘>' button
  • In ‘Step 3', select whether you want to set up a rule that ‘Allows' or ‘Block' access
  • In ‘Step 4', either enter full website addresses, keywords or both areas
  • Click on ‘Apply'

Please note that this feature is no longer available on the Coral 15.1 firmware or after, however can be acomplished along with other parental control and protection features via Telstra Broadband Protect, the details of which can be found here.


Time of Day filtering


  1. Click on ‘Parental Control'
  2. Click on the ‘Time of Day Rules' tab
  3. In ‘Step 1', enter a name for your rule in the ‘Rule Name' field
  4. In ‘Step 2', select any Device from the ‘Device(s) with no rules applied' category
  5. Click on the ‘>' button
  6. In ‘Step 3', set the time for either Workdays or Weekends, where you want to block Internet access.
  7. Click on ‘Apply'




Time of day rules:



Example of the error screen displayed if a user tries to access a restricted site:



Please Note the below additional information to consider when setting up parental controls..


1)      Access to the modem


  • Set an administrator password on the modem, this will prevent them from altering the settings on the modem.
  • It is pretty easy to perform a factory reset of the modem, which will clear all personalised settings (including parental controls and administrator passwords).
  • Depending on the type of broadband connection you have, BigPond modems may not need any further configuration in order to access the internet.
  • Personalising the WiFi settings can make it is easier to identify when the modem has been tampered with or have the modem secured in such a way that the modem can’t be defaulted via the reset button.


2)      Alternative means


  •  If access to the internet via the modem is restricted, the users may look for alternative means such as using their mobile devices as a hotspot.  This may be a concern for parents where excess data usage may apply.

Solution? Lock the mobile with the modem, so there is an article around parental control apps for smart phones avaiable via PCMAG:,2817,2407509,00.asp



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