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Telstra Smart Wi-Fi Booster and Wi-Fi Guarantee FAQ

Is Wi-Fi from all internet service providers the same?  

In a word, no. In general, the internet connection to the home is the same as most homes are connected to the nbn, but when it comes to in-home Wi-Fi performance, the experience you get can vary greatly.


What is different about Telstra’s Wi-Fi? 

  • Speed. Focuses the Wi-Fi signal to your device, enabling a faster and more reliable connection. 
  • Reliability. Backed by Australia’s best mobile network, so if your internet goes down, you can get back online straight away.
  • Switches Wi-Fi frequencies depending on whether you’re in the same room or the other end of the house to deliver a strong, consistent connection with great Wi-Fi range.


Why should I give Telstra’s Wi-Fi a try?

Telstra offers an NBN Guarantee, so if you are moving to the nbn network with Telstra for the first time and you’re not happy with your fixed internet service for any reason, let us know within 30 days of connection and we’ll do our best to fix it or you can cancel your nbn services without penalty. We’ll even refund your monthly plan fee for that first month. 


Will the modem that comes with my Telstra internet plan meet my Wi-Fi needs? 

The Telstra Smart Modem successfully delivers a great in-home Wi-Fi experience for over 90% of our customers. As all homes are different, there are however instances where customers may require additional Wi-Fi coverage. 


Why could my Wi-Fi not be working as well as I’d like? 

Over time technology has changed and you may not have a Telstra Smart Modem, which has significantly improved overall Wi-Fi performance for Telstra customers. If you do have a Telstra Smart Modem, then there’s a good chance that Wi-Fi problems you are experiencing may be coverage related.  


How can I tell whether better coverage will solve my Wi-Fi issues?

Check out some of the benefits that better Wi-Fi coverage delivers to decide whether a Telstra Smart Wi-Fi Booster is what you need, or go to


Can I try to improve Wi-Fi performance before getting a Smart Wi-Fi Booster?

There are potentially a number of things that can be done to improve Wi-Fi performance, ranging from moving the location of the modem, to removing barriers that may be blocking to the signal. Download the Telstra Home Dashboard App Check, or visit for some great tips.


Why do I need to get a Smart Wi-Fi Booster, I expect the modem to be all I need? 

  • For a great Wi-Fi experience throughout the home, the Wi-Fi signal must reach all parts of the home and the Telstra Smart Modem provides complete Wi-Fi coverage for approximately 90% of all Australian homes.

  • Size of a home, floor plan, building materials and even number of devices used can all impact the strength and reach of the Wi-Fi signal. By placing a Smart Wi-Fi Booster in the home, the Wi-Fi signal is strengthened, and the reach of the Wi-Fi signal can be extended.


How do I know that a Smart Wi-Fi Booster will provide all the Wi-Fi coverage I need?

Telstra Smart Wi-Fi Boosters come with a peace of mind Wi-Fi Coverage Guarantee. Telstra is the only internet service provider in Australia which offers a guaranteed solution to solve all your Wi-Fi coverage related problems. If one booster doesn’t provide you with wall-to-wall coverage we can help make it happen if you let us know. Find out more here. 


How do I get a Wi-Fi Booster?

Buy online at and get a Smart Wi-Fi Booster sent directly to your home. Alternatively, visit your nearest Telstra Shop.


How does the Smart Wi-Fi Booster get installed? 

Installation is so easy, you can do it yourself. There are step by step instructions that come with the Smart Wi-Fi Booster and a short setup video that you can watch.


What do I need to do to get the Wi-Fi Guarantee?

Nothing. Telstra Smart Wi-Fi Boosters automatically come with a 24 month Wi-Fi Coverage Guarantee. No need to register or apply.


What if I have a Smart Wi-Fi Booster, but still have Wi-Fi issues?

Check out the online Smart Help pages for some simple checks you can do.

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