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Unable to send to BigPond mailboxes


If your business uses E-Mails for marketing, newsletters or billing purposes and receive an error when sending to all BigPond or Telstra mailboxes you will first need to do a few checks such as:


Once you have confirmed that all of your records are correct, you can send the details below to

(If you're unable to send an email to this address, please try using an alternative email account from another provider, such as Gmail.)  


  • Exact dates and times of when you tried to send the email.
    Preferably in the following format (dd-mm-yyyy) (hh:mm AEST).
  • Sending domain/email address
  • IP address at the time of attempt
  • An approximate of the volume of emails that are attempting to send per hour to us.
  • The exact Bounce back message/s
  • A copy from the message that you have tried to send to BigPond domain (including any signature and attachments)
  • Justification of the request
  • Your contact details


Regrettably, we are not able to provide a time frame for the team that manages this mailbox. Once they have reviewed the information that you have provided and the email that was blocked, they will be in contact to advise you further.

NOTE: If you are experiencing difficulties sending to specific BigPond or Telstra mailboxes, please confirm the email address is correct with the recipient.

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