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What can I do at home to improve my broadband connection?

The way your home is set up for internet, and the way you use it, can affect your broadband speed. Here are some things you can do to boost your connection throughout the home:


Wi-Fi signal weak?

The strength of your Wi-Fi signal can be affected by where you place your modem. Think about:

  • Physical barriers like metal, wood, concrete walls or water – between the modem and your devices,
  • Interference from other devices – like microwaves, cordless phones and baby monitors,
  • The distance between the modem and your devices

You could try:

  • Placing the modem in an area that avoids most metal (ductwork), floors, walls, pools, big fish tanks and if possible, in a space central to your devices.
  • Connecting your device/s directly to the modem with an Ethernet cable (cable connections are almost always stronger).
  • Extending your signal into specific spots in your home where Wi-Fi just won’t reach, no matter where your modem is, by installing a Wi-Fi Extender.
  • Discover the dead spots by creating a ‘heat map’ of your home that will show you where to put your modem, with the Telstra Home Dashboard™ App.


Too many devices or too much content?

Your broadband is shared between all the connected devices in your home. The number of devices and how much data each device is using can also affect the speed of the service. 


  • Switch off unnecessary or data-hungry devices that you’re not using.
  • Switch off each device one at a time, and see if the connection speed increases noticeably. If it does, check if that device is using a large amount of data, or has any viruses.

Is it a virus or just old age?

If your connection is slow on one device only, it may be infected with malware or a virus, or your device might be too old to support higher speeds.


  • Use a different and/or newer device to perform the same action – and see if your connection improves.
  • If it does, get your original device checked for malware or viruses. If it’s old, consider retiring it.

Faulty modem?

The quality and age of your modem will affect your connection. Upgrade to one of the latest Telstra-branded modems. We recommend using a Telstra modem to maximise broadband performance. Contact us if you need a new Telstra-branded modem.


Bad internal wiring?

If the wiring in your house is faulty, it can interrupt the connection and slow your speed. Hire a qualified electrician or a Telstra technician to check and fix your wiring. Call 13 22 00 to discuss this service.


Need more help?

If your speeds are still slow, you can track down the issue and get step-by-step instructions on how to fix it with our Troubleshooting Tool.


Find out more about Telstra Broadband.

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