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What happens after the Disconnection Date in a NBN fibre area?

Disconnecting the copper network in locations where NBN Co has rolled out their fibre network is a binding legal obligation for Telstra and a key part of the Government’s National Broadband Network (NBN) policy. The end point in this process is the mandatory retirement of all voice and internet services delivered over the copper network, which occurs from the ‘Disconnection Date’ for each NBN Co fibre ready area. 


Once the Disconnection Date is passed, customers have a very short window of time (only a few days) to place an NBN order before their service on the copper network is first suspended and cancelled altogether. In the suspension stage what is called ‘Soft Dial Tone’ will apply and only calls to E000 and Telstra will be possible and after that the service will be disconnected altogether and will not be able to be reconnected.


This is why it is extremely important for customers who want to maintain a landline service at the home or business place an NBN order well before Disconnection Date to avoid any disruption to their services.  


If you are a Telstra customer and the Disconnection Date has passed in your area we recommend you contact us as soon as possible to discuss your options.


Disconnection of copper based services across all retailers and to all consumers using the network in an NBN fibre area.

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