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nbn bundle switch to premium + speed

im currently on the 500GB data and would like to change it to the premium + speed. If i change, will i be in a new contract? if i change will i be on a month to month contract or on a new 24 months contract?thanks

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Re: nbn bundle switch to premium + speed

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Re: nbn bundle switch to premium + speed

Hi @val_collado

The Premium plan is available to FTTP/FTTC and HFC customers. If you switch to that plan, you can find details in the critical information summary here. You can change to another plan within your plan range once a month while the plan range remains available to new Telstra customers. There are no Early Termination Charges if you cancel this plan. However, you will need to payout the remaining cost of your Telstra Wi-Fi Modem (if you receive a modem included in your plan) if you cancel your plan within 24 months of connecting, and any outstanding Hardware Repayment Option repayments will be payable in full. Depending on your current plan, you may need to switch to an in market offer. 

If you'd like us to check your account, I'd suggest speaking with our messaging team via the Telstra app so we can help you further with this. To do that, open the Telstra app then tap the 'get help' tab at the bottom of the screen & you will see the blue speech bubble to 'Message Us'. While you will first speak with our virtual assistant Codi, follow the prompts & if they're unable to fix, they will put you through to a team member that can assist further if you type 'more help'. Make sure notifications are on within the Telstra app too, this way you can go about your day & reply further there when you get a response.


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