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Adding a PTR Record to a Telstrra Businesss NBN Account - Success!

Hi All,


TLDR; If you're on a Telstra Small Business NBN plan & need to add a PTR to your IP Address, the easiest way to do it is to go the Telstra Custdata website and do it yourself. It takes 2 minutes. Details further down.


We are a small business with our own on-site mail server. 10 days ago we made the move to a Telstra Small Business NBN plan. After informing our domain host (not Telstra) of our new IP Address they said we would need to get Telstra to add a PTR (reverse lookup) to our IP address to avoid our emails getting blocked by some domains (ironically Bigpond was the worst offender).

We then spent somewhere in the order of 30 hours on the phone speaking with 20-ish different Telstra support personnel, on 10 different support phone numbers in who knows how many different countries, trying to figure out how to get it done.

Frankly the state of Telstra customer support is staggering in it's uselessness. Whatever system they use for filtering support calls & searching out solutions is either inadequate or non-existent.

In all of those hours only 1 person was willing to actually take our details and try and find a solution & then  followed through by calling and emailing back (Josephus on the 9th floor, bloc 3, Lahug Cebu City, give this man a pay rise).

Either way, with no help from Telstra we managed to figure it out on our own.


You'll need to go to the Telstra CustData site, call Telstra to get access details if you don't have them.

Once in go to Manage in the top right corner, then DNS.

Select the Reverse DNS tab, and the edit on the corresponding service.

Then edit the ipv4 or 6 as appropriate.


I'm incredibly disapointed that nobody at Telstra support or the Telstra Business Centre was able to point us in the right direction for what is an incredibly straight forward & common issue with any small business who runs their own email server. This arrangement is common place and although people don't change ISP's/RSP's regularly it shouldn't be that hard to find a solution. The only way we found out about the Custdata website is through countless web searches. There has been no mention of it in any of the paperwork we received regarding our change from ADLS to NBN, and not a single person mentioned it during our 30-ish hours on the phone.

During our last phone call to Telstra (talking to the only Australian we'd found) we mentioned in passing that maybe the Custdata website could help if we could log in, and straight away they set up our account and we were away. It took 2 minutes!!!!!!!


I hope this information is helpful to someone in the future.


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Re: Adding a PTR Record to a Telstrra Businesss NBN Account - Success!

Thanks for posting the solution to your problem. Hopefully Telstra phone support will improve once all there call centers are located in Australia. This planned to occur sometime in 2022.

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Level 22: Superhuman

Re: Adding a PTR Record to a Telstrra Businesss NBN Account - Success!

Interesting read. Thank you for sharing.

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