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Apple computers not compatible with Telstra NBN Modem

After 6 months of our modem regularly losing WiFi and then locking up, I am being told by Telstra that the problem is not the Gateway Pro V7610 modem but one of my 6 Apple computers or my apple express modem that conect to the network as an extender.  


They have told me that one (or maybe all) of the apple machines is not compatible with the Telstra modem due to the Telstra modem having a static IP Address.  They are saying that one of my apple machines is changing the Telstra modem from Static to Dynamic IP and this is causing the problem but they can't tell me what to look for or what settings to use on my apple machines.  Apparently the problem is mine and I have to work it out myself with no help from Telstra!!  They told me that if I go to to the Apple forums, I will see that many people are having this problem but I can only find problems with Apple modems locking up with the NBN not Apple machines causing other modems to lock up.





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